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Stage 2 COBB OTS Lean WOT

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I've recently flashed to the stage 2 cobb off the shelf map and have been running lean under WOT. I have an innovate MTX-L Plus with the 02 sensor calibrated and under WOT, its reading from 12.6 to 13.2. I have not heard anyone else complain about the OTS maps so I am a bit baffled. I should also mention that cruising in the city/highway AFR's are 14.5-15.3 and under partial throttle, it is in the mid 13's. I was looking to get a protune at Buschur Racing (2 hrs away) but don't want to schedule that if there is a mechanical issue going on.


I've checked the FPR hose. It is zip tied tight.

I have the orange fuel pump relay (P/N 8627A049) (also tried switching relays around, didn't do anything)

I've done a boost leak test; no leaks

I've looked at the exhaust for leaks; none

I've tried running stage 2 93+CHFF and stage 1+CHFF LWG; both maps have the car running lean

There are no dangling vacuum lines or anything else that looks out of place


Buschur crossflow CBE

MAP testpipe (this is where the A/F 02 sensor is)

Depo Racing turbo inlet pipe

Cobb high flow filter

Other Notes:

Boost was on target with the both maps (stage 1 was LWG)

The knock was a max of 2 under stage 2 WOT (has hit 8 twice during engine lugging scenarios, could be phantom knock?)

I can run a log just let me know what you'd like to see, I don't have the AFR reading on the accessport though

Thanks in advance. If you have questions, ill try to respond ASAP.

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