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Well, I have been collecting stuff for my e30 swap for about six years and I hate to see it go, but I have medical bills to pay. I beat cancer, but it has cost me a lot of money and the bills need to get paid. I will answer in the order I get things as fast as I can. (which is not always fast, sorry) I can get pictures of anything, but most of it is new.


I hate to do it, but I can't afford the paypal fees, so I would appreciate enough extra to cover them. I will ship it anyway you want if you are paying the bill. I live north of Seattle, in Washington state.


I have a lot more to come, full suspension, big brakes, mt2 kit, but I am holding off.

S50 & ZF 5 Speed – About 78,000 - $2500 plus shipping. (this is basically a complete motor and transmission with harness, ecu, pretty much all bolt on stuff, I stripped it to the block, but have everything. Car VIN available by request)

Turner/Conforti Stage 3 Kit (+57hp / +30ft-lbs) $2400 new $1500 plus shipping

- Schrick Cams

- Euro HFM

- 24 lb injectors

- Matching High Performance Chip

NGK BKR6EIX Spark Plugs - new - (was $42+shipping) $37 shipped

BavAuto High-Performance Ignition Coil Set - new (was $275+shipping) $240 shipped

Oxygen Sensors - new (was $204+shipping) $180 shipped

Camshaft Position Sensor - new (was $128+shipping) $115 shipped

Crankshaft Position Sensor - new (was $82+shipping) $70 shipped

Knock Sensors - new (was $114+shipping) $100 shipped

ARD Underdrive Pulleys - new - $150 shipped - (Includes Power Steering and Water Pump Pulley and GATES Belt)

Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit - new (was $30+shipping) $25 shipped

ARP2000 Head Bolts - new (was $185+shipping) $165 shipped <==PENDING

Elring Head Gasket Set - new (was $195+shipping) $180 shipped

Valve Spring Retainer Set - new (was $280+shipping) $260 shipped

Valve Keeper Set - new (was $84+shipping) $74 shipped

Beisan Single Vanos Seals Repair Kit - new (was $30+shipping) $25 shipped <==PENDING

Beisan Single Vanos Rattle Repair Kit - new (was $30+shipping) $25 shipped <==PENDING

Oil Pan Gasket set - new - (was $63+shipping) $53 shipped <==PENDING

E36 Euro Oil Filter Housing - $240 plus shipping <==PENDING

Euro cooler and lines - $140 plus shippingç==PENDING

Bavarian Auto FCX2 Code reader and reset tool - new (was $149 + shipping) $125 shipped

UUC Oil Center - new - $100 plus shipping NOT AVAILABLE FROM UUC CURRENTLY

Prosport Gauges - new BLUE/WHITE 52mm series - oil temp, oil pressure, & water temp (was $154+shipping) $140 shipped

BMP Gauge Console - new (was $85+shipping) $75 shipped <==PENDING

UUC Stage 2 Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel with clutch and pressure plate $650 plus shipping

- M5 Clutch

- M5 Pressure Plate

E36 325i slave cylinder - new (was $59+shipping) $49 shipped

UUC Stainless Steel Clutch line - new (was $29+shipping) $25 shipped <==PENDING

AKG Trans Mounts - - (was $75+shipping) $65 shipped ==SOLD==

UUC Clutch Stop - new - $15 shippedç==PENDING

Throughout Bearing - new (was $45+shipping) $37 shippedç==PENDING

Mishimoto Radiator - new (was $340+shipping) $240 shipped

Aluminum Thermostat Housing - new (was $30+shipping) $20 shipped

80 degree Thermostat - new (was $18+shipping) $14 shipped <==PENDING

Spal 16" Pusher Fan 2047 - new (was $150+shipping) $135 shipped

80/88 Degree Temperature Sensor - new (was $25+shipping) $20 shipped ==SOLD==

Samco Silicone Radiator Hose set, blue - new (was $100+shipping) $80 shipped <==PENDING

Silicone Vacuum Hose Tubing kit, blue - new (was $30+shipping) $25 shipped

Here is the list of the main swap parts I have. Some of parts will be listed in the performance parts thread instead of here, like the cooling system for example. New parts are listed, the rest are in at least good plus condition.

E34 oil pan, dip stick, and tube - $130 plus shipping <==PENDING

E34 throttle cable - new - (was $31+shipping) $25 shipped <==PENDING

E28 M5 motor mounts - new - (was $65+shipping) $55 shipped <==PENDING

E36 motor mount arms - $55 shipped

S50/e30 wiring harness adapter - $150 shipped <==PENDING

413 red label DME - $80 shipped <==PENDING

Swap DME Mount Adapter - new - (was $31+shipping) $25 shipped ==SOLD==

AKG Trans Mounts - new - (was $75+shipping) $65 shipped

1492mm e36 Driveshaft $100 plus shipping <==PENDING

2.79 LSD - best offer

3.25 LSD - best offer

Correct Swap Brake Booster $75 plus shipping (e21 if I remember right) <==PENDING

The following is a custom fitted exhaust system. For the most part, this should bolt up to your swap and exhaust mounts eliminating the need to fabricate mounting for the swap. This setup is arguably as good as you are going to get for your swap. Excellent performance boost and that kind of Euro sound without the heavy rasp. This is worth every penny!

E36 Euro headers

E36 Euro midpipes

E36 Stromung Stainless catback (all e30 ready) $1500 + shipping

Racing Dynamics e30 Strut Bars - $200 plus shipping

e36 EXHAUST - mid-pipe and catback ODB1

I bought the exhaust to get the mid-pipe for my s50 conversion and ended up going with a euro exhaust, so I never used it. Supposedly, the catback has some miles on it but is good. The cats are supposed to be new, or newer. But honestly, I have never heard them running or used them. With the oxygen sensor they should go about four hundred, but I would take $250.

e36 M3 DASH - dash, gauges, heating, lights, etc. $300 - ask about any miscellaneous modules from under the dash

e36 HEAD LIGHT ASSEMBLY - Drivers side with bulbs $75

e30 MSDS shorty HEADERS - m20 ceramic coated $175

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