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Project Francine

E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013) - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums -
Hi everyone, I've posted about my car and some of the issues going on with it before, but I want to make this thread just to put everything in one place.

Just to make clear she's a 2007 BMW 328xi, I believe it's an e90 engine (3.0L 6 cyl)

I took her to a nearby BMW specialized shop to get a full scan of any problems, s/o to the guy for helping me out too and explaining a lot of the stuff, if anyone is in Chicago area I recommend "Bimmer Car Care" After the scan test we saw the codes, and we have plenty

Here are the codes that popped up:

002E85 BSD, message; electric coolant pump missing

005E4C DSC: Wheel-speed sensor, supply, front right

005E4E DSC: Wheel-speed sensor, supply front right

005E5E DSC: Wheel speed, general

00932D FRM: At least 3 xenon ignition attempts, left

00932E FRM: At least 3 xenon ignition attempts, right

00A0B5 CAS: Fault, road speed signal

00A6CF JBE: AUC sensor

00A8A9 FRM: High beam/turn-off light, right, faulty

00A8AA FRM: Dipped beam, left, faulty

00A8AB FRM: Dipped beam, right, faulty

00A8AD FRM: Side marker light, right faulty

00A8AE FRM: Fog light, left, faulty, E90 M3: daytime running light, left, faulty

00A8B1 FRM: Direction indicator, front right, faulty

I guess the biggest issue I want to tackle first is the coolant pump. Aside from these she's been leaking a bit of oil, I already ordered a new filter and head gasket, but I might have to replace the oil pan as well, we'll have to see after I clean and replace the parts.

Now I'm not a mechanic, she's my first car, and a dream car, I love bimmers. Now I also don't have the money to take it to a shop and have her fixed. I'm only 18 and I'm leaving for college in September. I have a job and enough money saved up to get everything fixed. Project Francine will be complete by the end of this month, all I ask is the support of this community to guide me through any problems I might run into.

For now if anyone wants to give me suggestions or tips I'll gladly take them. Thank you

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