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Not happy with Ssangyong Kyron

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With owning one of these vehicles I would NOT recommend it at all.

I only continue to drive it as I am tied into a 5 year deal, which is nearly at an end. Thank god and will then get shut of it.

I have even considered selling it to an auction site, but with being tied in what I owe on it, the auction site what they offered would not pay it off.

At first everything was great, but within 9 months of having it I then encountered problems.

The turbo started playing up, loss of power and I have lost count of the numerous amounts of bulbs that have been replaced (it is definitely over 100 - yes you did read that right) as when one bulbs goes if you do not know it zaps the next bulb and so on. No other explanation has been given other than that!

Within the first 12 months I had the whole of the back lights replaced, after being flashed by private hire taxi driver and telling me. Great !

The vehicle has been in over 10 times with turbo issues. I find even after a service, problems occur soon after. I was half way going to Scotland when in the outer lane and the vehicle lost power, the dash was flickering and it would not move above 20mph. It was towed to a dealer and the cause a reverse light bulb. Because it was this bulb the vehicle was unsure if it was going forward or backwards !! No warning but a sudden flung forward in your seat !

The bulb was replaced and then within a week the engine light comes on. Back in again. Three weeks later turbo problems and bulbs gone.

I have also because of a front bulb being out on the front of the car, been pulled by the Police and as it was around Christmas I had a breathalyser test. This peed me off even more even though I had not been drinking but it give the police an excuse to pull me !

Luckily he did not give me any points - but the garage again got a mouthful from me!

I do not feel safe in the vehicle and it is always on my mind that it is going to cut out/lose power when I get on the open road or pull away from the lights.

I even requested the dealer to take the vehicle back but they would not pay off the finance.

I continue giving the dealer a sharp tongue as I am becoming peed off going back and forth.

All they keep saying is I must have an unlucky model as no one else has these problems

. With not knowing anyone else who has one of these, I am not sure if anyone else has had these sort problems? I suspect I must not be alone !

My own personal experience I will not be buying any further Ssangyong models

Very poor customer support from the dealer I purchase it from, no courtesy vehicle to give you and the servicing is not cheap!

Also noisy - sounds like a Taxi, you could never leave your house at night quietly.

As I type this I have a further two bulbs out and the engine light is on again, after it being fixed 2 months ago ARRGH !!

Very poor vehicle and I give it a thumbs down

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