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Existing TT Stage 2: looking for fast spool upgrade options for 500whp on 93oct

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Turbo gurus

As the title states: I currently have a stage 2 Technique tuning setup (installed by PO) that I'm fairly happy with as the Nate G tune is exceptional from a DD perspective. However, The old tech 60-1 turbo leaves a bit to be desired considering I've been exposed to modern EFR and E90 335 turbo setups. The transient response on this 60-1 turbo is very poor IMO, but "period correct". This is just a fun, weekend car. No racing of any type. Strict 93oct and car has a 3.5in metal cat (and will always have it). I'm trying to educate myself quickly on the platform, so be gentle with me. Photobucket has broken much of the archived information on E36s.

65K mile 1998 M3 (R title though, probably a 9:10 condition wise, trying to maintain as much value as possible for a driver's car)

TT Stage 2 with 60-1 T3 turbo

42lb injectors (most likely need to be upgraded as well affecting the tune)

.140 MLS head gasket (leaking small amounts of oil at front passenger corner)

ARP headstuds

Built rear end and DSS axles

M50 manifold

UUC clutch

Its not really clear what capacity Nate G is still in with respect to tuning cars (as a newish E36 owner). While I haven't tried to contact him yet, I get the impression that he is close to (if not fully in) retirement on this platform and not doing custom tunes anymore (ie very selective in his customers)? Just looking for advice on what would be a best value next step considering my current car. Cost isn't a huge concern, just want to do it right and end up with the best, most reliable result. I have heard of a "stage 3" TT setup that uses a GT35R. Are these tunes PnP and still available for purchase from TT? If not, who is the best stock ECU tuner in the north east (PA)? Not willing to go backwards though on tune livability though.

The way I see it is that the car should at least have a new head gasket installed to address the slow oil leak at the front of the engine from the spacer. I could also live with it. It seems as if cut rings are the best solution for this, but I'd probably be more comfortable with a true lower compression, turbo engine in the long run. In for a penny/pound mentality. That would also help keep the car running a safer, higher boost level for the HP target IMO (instead of lower boost, but higher CR combo).

Absolute must haves

larger injectors, 800ccs?

"unknown" fuel pump from previous owner. Probably needs upgraded for piece of mind.

New tune - MUST keep stock ECU. Current setup passes ODB2 inspection. No compromise on this.

Modern BB turbo, GTX 3586? or EFR 8374 (probably requires new manifold, so less desirable considering existing parts) I think you can get these in T3 flange configurations, but I can't find any info on whether they fit on the TT manifold or not. Probably unlikely if I had to guess, but EFR turbo is exactly what I'd want. Just not willing to jump to a SteedSpeed setup considering all the TT parts in hand. Don't want to sell the TT kit outright either.

Engine Options

1: Just replace head gasket with cut ring, may still develop oil leak and blow gasket. Also running on edge of bottom end reliability IMO at 500+ whp.

2: Swap M52 short block? (will most likely have 2X mileage) and will reduce value of car. Should be close to best turbo engine option though and have more purchase area for sealing HG.

3: Build existing S52 with lower compression pistons and rods? (most expensive and still has thin lands between cylinders for HG sealing)

4: Educate me on another option

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