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EOIT for Gen 3 and overlap

PCM Diagnostics & Tuning - LS1TECH -
I have been searching through here and HP tuner and have learned a lot about EOIT but most of it is for Gen IV. The tables and number is different. I tried to back into the calculators but it doesn't make sense.

Fortunately, the Gen 3 is pretty simple. Here is what I did/assumed.

02 Stock cam BTR Stage 2 Turbo (226/232-113+4)





OL -30 OL 4

EOIT Boundary stock 6.55

ECT ranges from 2.55 to 5.55 at RPM

So to keep the same valve train dynamics I wanted to adjust the boundary.

6.55*90 ~ 98 = 98 BTDC right? = 262 Boundary

Now subtract the Normal 6.55-5.55 = 1 = 15degrees BTDC

This makes sense? So normal the injection should start around 15 BTDC and complete around TDC or a little later which is still before 9.5 ATDC IVO stock?

New cam is 14.5 earlier (9.5+5) so I subtracted from 6.55 and got 5.58

This backs things up and it worked great. Car idles much better.

I wasnt sure how to handle the overlap but I assumed that if I back it up 14.5 I should always be the same dynamics and the boundary - normal should always put the injection complete before the IVO opens and hence overlap issue goes away? I tried adding the 4 deg overlap back in at 6.0 and it ran ok but didnt sound as great and had more fuel smell.

I left the ECT 5.55 values alone. I tried then looking at EVC closed event delta , 19.5 deg and add that to the ECT but it just ran richer no improvement. I played with + 1,1.2,.5 in ECT and it ran rich or nothing.

but this brought the Boundary close to TDC or in the overlap start I think.

Lowering the ECT some actually helped.

I am confused a little if my logic works or I just got lucky on the 5.58

I am leaving the ECT alone for now.

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