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"How Original" Twin Turbo Fox Build

Forced Induction - LS1TECH -
LS in a Fox with turbos? How Original!

Well, Bought this car a few months back now and bought it with 5.3 with a homemade single turbo kit, Blow through CSU carb and all the typical things done to a 5.3 with a little 7668.......Car went 9.70 at 140 on 93 pump gas when the previous owner had it and I bought it thinking it was going to be a turn key car which I guess technically it was

Well then I wanted to make the switch to E85 and put a more suitable turbo on it, So I Purchased a VS racing 7875. So with this Goal in mind I went ahead and had a cage put in the car. And discovered something behind the Dash

Great Cage work by a local racer here but this is what was found under the dash

Literally a mess of wires with 0 time taken to actually do it right.....No relays or anything for the fuel pump just a straight power block and just an all around mess,

This got my wheels turning about all these wires......If I make the cage to EFI then I could program a tablet to work with it to display all my gauges an just open up a ton of possibilities over the carb set up

In comes the MS3 Gold Box

Low and behold another issue is ran into.....This turbo kit will only really support something small like the 7668 and the 7875 is quite a bit bigger in physical size so John at Roastin Performance and I discussed the Hurron performance kit and pulled the trigger.

As we wait on that I went ahead and picked up some parts and such and will list old combo compared to new

Old Combo

Gen 4 Iron 5.3

BTR Stage 3 Turbo cam

706 Stock untouched heads

Victor Jr

CSU Carb

Daytona Sensor products throughout (Smart Spark, Boost controller,)

Turbonetics 7668

Homemade Blow through style turbo kit

The changes were making are pretty big but were going the route of the SBE to see what we can do with it

New set up will be

Aluminum Gen 4 5.3

MS3 Gold Box

Open Ring gaps

243 heads

China Studs

Little John Stage 2 Turbo cam

Hurron Performance Twin Turbo Kit

VS racing 6765s

NNBS 5.3 intake

210# Injectors

Aeromotive Eliminator EFI pump

Were have everything ordered and are waiting for it to come in to get to work the aluminum 5.3 should be here tomorrow to start tear down and inspection. Car will be a street cruiser type deal that we hope to get some good times out of and make great numbers with here she is now waiting for all her new parts

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