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More than a year ago

I found some really nice pictures from the new Lancia Delta, you should check it out . Lancia Delta Post your own pictures below if you have some , that would be great!
I recently learned about Lancia cars from a Top Gear episode. Does anyone have a Lancia kit car or know anyone that does? It seems like a small fun car to drive/build. And I ...
Found this on Kimi's cousins' website, with a proper link to something we can all understand..Well its Lancia looks ...
Lancia had revealed the new generation Ypsilon 2012 at the Geneva Auto Show 2011, and from the very first glances you can tell that the new model has grown and comes with lots...
The alliance between Chrysler and Lancia seems to be fruitful and besides the two other Lancia/Chrysler models that made their debut during the past few months – the Thema an...
Hi guys, somebody able to get me my radio code? Lancia Lybra Radio Siemens MLFB: 5WK 78214 Serial No.: LA2140044722/02 Thanks in advance.
I have so say this car might be the best car I've seen on BAT. Lanica Aurelia Spyder.
Is there anybody who can calulate pin from flash dumps? Siemens 5WK 78214 form Lancia Serial No:LA2140059849/02 SW 5.25 Regards Mackie
Hello! I need the becker code for my lancia lybra. Can somebody help me please??? Typ: IDIS Model No: BE2580 Serial No: 55147274 Thanx a lot!!!!
Hi guys I need help to find the code for my carstereo LANCIA ADT838 CL0209W0005047. I have the anti theft card code but not match after change the car battery. Please help me
... Z391032722
1984 Lancia-Abarth 037 Stradale For Sale
Hi There, I finally found the matching radio for my Lancia Kappa Coupe.I bought a Lancia ADM838 but unfortunately it came without code.Can anyone help me to obtain the ri...
Howdy,Are the Entex 1/20 lancia stratos any good?SAme for the Bandai 1/20 lancia Stratos or is this a rebox of the former?been looking for reviews but couldn't find an...
Lancia Delta Integrale project car from the show Wheeler Dealers.
Hasegawa model + Racing43 transkit + lots of extra details. It's my eigth model this year.Regards,Denilson
Another great build. Love it. I've heard that the body in this kit is really hard to put on when finished. Are you having any problems?
Spotted a white one about 10 minutes ago turning from Dennis on to Katherine in Sandton/Atholl, anyone here? I was sure one of the guys here lived in Dennis Road...
prejudice if any of you could help me I would need a code from the browser launches Delta will post the photo thank you in advance to all of the forum
Lancia Thema Ferrari, la mitica 8.32 - Prove -
Not affiliated with the sale. Always thought these were sublimely cool. link
hello I have lost my radio code from my lancia lybra be 2580! I have read the dump from the 24c04 can you generate me the code´s please? can help me to upload the dump!!...
Hi can you give me code for my radio,please SIEMENS lancia 735.350.86.30 MLFB : 5WK 78215 Serial no. : LA2150011042/08 Becker Model no.: Be 2580 Serial ...
Hi,i have Lancia Ltbra 2004 limousine and fabrique multimedia and dont have code,can some1 help me please? Multimedia is siemens and numbera are LA2140195059/08 i need fo...

More than a month ago

Hello, I need the codes for a navigation becker/siemens of a lancia lybra if some one can help me. Thanks in advance. Becker Typ: IDIS Model No.: BE2580 Serial ...
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