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More than a year ago

I would like to know where to get jaguar spare parts in Singapore? Got into an accident today.Thanks.
Am I missing a thread on the new XE, does no one care? New entrant into 3 series territory should be big news.
I plan on pulling the trigger on a used 2011 Jaguar XJ with 90k miles. What will the annual maintenance costs be?
80 Years Ago Today (17 Oct) The first car to carry the Jaguar name ? the Jaguar SS90 ? was launched to tremendous acclaim at the London Motor Show. Selling for £385, it had a to...
Do jaguar dealers haggle or is the price the price. My parents are looking at a 2016 Jaguar XF 35T premium. What is the best way to handle a trade-in?
7 photos and information in the gallery Jaguar XF by Loder1899
I will admit that I am not set-up to decode Jaguar's posts, but do they haveanything to do with the experience of owning and driving a Jaguarautomobile? Seemed to clutter up...
2011 Jaguar XJ - Motorweek review.
Hello guys, as I've found on the internet a lot of photos with the new Jaguar XK ... I wanted to share them with you. Please let me know your opinion about that car.
I found this among some old parts from an XK140 I had back in the 1980s.It was repainted then, but I don't recall what it is.Does anyone know?
I am happy to see Jaguar reenter the small-car market. It looks like the XE may be a worthy contender against cars such as the BMW 3 series and Mercedes C class. I love the Jagu...
Thinking about getting one of these , anybody ever driven one , 370 hp, prices are right. ');
Of course it's not possible, but seeing this article about Jaguar reissuing a limited number of D Jags made me wonder about the 100S.
Just curious why some of you would NOT buy a Jaguar today if you had the funds??
jaguar PART NO:4X43-18B876-ADRADYO CODE ????? EPROM
JLR Mongoose for Jaguar and Land Rover This includes 1999 & Up Jaguar and 2005 & up Land Rover. Mongoose JLR interface cable with OEM level diagnostic & module program...
A few of us NorCal folks made it to Alameda Point this past weekend for the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience. We tossed the F-Type V6S and V8S around a short autocross track....
Here are some high quality Jaguar F-Type wallpapers and a review of the concept car. Too bad they're not taking this to production level
Hello! Can Anyone help me with code for this radio? Jaguar 2R83 10E889 AH Denso S/n: 48200207 JACN2050233422 50233422 Thx in advance!
On This Day (26th Sept 1968) 47 years ago - the XJ6 made its public debut at the Paris Motor Show. Sir William Lyons himself appeared in the advertisements for the car, declarin...
Hi all. I just bought a jaguar xj220 kit car. Looks exactly like the real thing. Problem is, I cannot find the manufacturer of the body. Any plans for the space frame and suspen...
Hi all guys! I`ve an old car stereo alpine jaguar aj8700 but I`ve not the code! Sigh! The serial number of the stereo is B71137566. Anyone can help me? Thanks! ...
I have neded jaguar xtype 2003 car nav code Model number is 1X43 10E889 FB 4622200-534212V SN 38000306 Thanks

More than a month ago

So I get home and Tracy is like I got this today... Its a letter from the president of Jaguar Canada and a nice book with all their models.Addressed to her... Wut? You go j...
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