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More than a year ago

If you were going to go with toyota axles which would be the best to look for . Looking for  toyota truck or fj  looking for the easiest swap.
i have a toyota corolla carb that i would like to swap on my samurai but need a throtle cable bracket anyone know where i can get one or shoul i just make one
Does anyone have the spec sheet or some pictures of the brackets for the Rocky Road Toyota power steering kit?
Does anyone know an after market part number for the Toyota Corolla 3K-C 1.2L carb? and whats everyone think about it?
It has come to my attention that the Toyota Chaser (JZX100) can share a lot of suspension parts with our cars. Can anyone confirm this?
Hello, Ive been gone for a while. Just thought Id show everyone that you "can"  use a Toyota diesel for your conversion as well.  1984 Toyota 2L 2.4 liter diesel.
If I installed toyota axles under my samurai, what do I need to do about the third member offset difference? Samurai off to right side, and toyota in center. Is there a way to m...
I'm looking to do a Toyota rear end swap on my 64 x frame I heard I can use a 94 n up Toyota rear end can anyone help me out
My Corolla has a jangling sound right at start up. It only last for a second, then no problem. Thanks for any help identifying this.
I know the obvious answer but this is for someone who commutes to work and back. No track days etc. Yes or no.
Hi, Was wondering if the Celica GT T23 has the same spring system as any of these cars: Toyota Altezza SXE10 Toyota JZX100 Chaser/Cresta/Mark 2 Toyota JZX90 Chase...
K so I got my axel put in its a toyota truck axel but I need to find the adapter flange that connects to the drive shaft ? Anyone know a part number or can Someone post a pic ...
Would anyone know if the 1982-85 Toyota MK2 Supras (w/automatic trans.) all used the same automatic transmission crossmember? ...
... 1788246315 Still as leathal as ever. Thank goodness ours is on skinny little dunlops.
some of the smaller injectors for Toyota have a flat screen output with 12 tiny holes in it. Does this mean that these injector type does not have a pintle style nozzle under ...
Hello! Here I describe the restoration process Toyota Celica XX '84. I apologize for my English, I write through the translator.
Need to replace starter in 2009 Toyota Camry. Not an expert by any means but haven't tried this one before. What should I be aware of going into this project?
The tacoma seems awful big, when did Toyota make smaller, Ranger-sized pickups? (can they be had in manuel?)
Hi, Can anyone provide me with the diameter size of the original pulley that is part of the Blitz Toyota Celica Supercharger kit please? Thank you very very much in ad...
Hello , I was trying to find Toyota Sienna 2011 Repair Manual but am not able to find one. Any one has any idea where I can get. One one website i did find one but it was w...
So I wanted to do this swap in my toyota for the last two year and, I finally made the move to start it. I started stripping the 22re out and now starting to get the 4.8/5.3 cle...
The light in the middle of the A/C button on my grandson's 2004 Toyota Camry does not come on and no cool air from the vents. Is there a fuse or relay that would cause this prob...
Does any one have the spec from Toyota on which oil to use in the mechanical winch , and PTO ?I assume that the PTO , must be same as gearbox.but I am very uncertain with th...
Has anyone here ever transplanted a Toyota 22R engine into a 1997 2door sidekick, or know anyone that has done it? Would like to know as i am about to do it and am looking for a...
I have the Hex-USB+CAN VCDS cable for my VWs, but what is the equivalent for a 2015 Toyota? I do not want a generic reader, just something that is closest to a VCDS in terms of ...
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