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More than a year ago

Has anyone attempted to remove the driver seat with no power to it? The seat is all the way back, so I can get to the 2 front Torx screws - but not the back. Is there a way to...
you know how there is a cup holder in the middle of the back seat? is there an accessories that clips onto the cupholder changing it into a seat?
For whatever reason my drivers seat is very sparatic when it wants to work. Meaning the motor still clicks but the seat will not move. Then sometimes it does. HELP!
trying to find a DIY on removing the driver seat. im switching the bottom part of the seat for a replacement and cant find one on here. thanks.
Hi, I have z06, and i cannot move passenger seat to front or back, because seat lever dropped on the floor, anybody knows how to mount it back to the seat?
What is the best way to fix a broken seat back where the bumper (pictured) goes into the lower part of the seat back. Seems the welded nut in base of the seat back has broken o...
My rear seat was missing when I bought my Sammi and was wondering if there is a seat to be made to work like a 3rd row seat?
The driver side seat has the lean all the way down in the back of the seat, which means the seat is tilted up in the front. The button is broken on the seat. Does the lean/tilt ...
Hello all, I just pulled this seat out of a 914 that I'm working on. I was planning on getting a matching seat if possible but I can't identify the seat. Any help would be...
My 2004 Envoys passenger seat, the one that has the fuse box under it behind the drivers seat will not fold foward. Anyone know how to get it unstuck? The seats back folds down ...
Ok - it's easy to get the seat out, but getting the lower seat cover off and seat cushion out is a mystery at this time. Looking for a diagram for the drivers side bottom seat ...
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix my seat issue. My drivers seat does not automatically move back when i bring my seat forward. I have to always reach over an...
I have a convertible back seat that is far to gone to repair. Is there a way to convert a hard top back seat that is a bit wider and shorten it to fit a convertible? I think I r...
Thinking of swapping the black seat belts for aftermarket colored ones. Anyone done this before or removed the seat belts for any reason? What should one watch out for?
I took out my drivers seat and track with no problem. How do I get the passenger side seat and track out? Please help. This is a 1981 vette..... ');
The seat heater on the driver seat quit, I have memory seats. I have not been able to locate a fuse for the seat heater, is the same fuse as the power seat control? Thank y...
c5 rag top, need to repair / replace drivers seat adjuster seat does move up and down, yoke in mechanics is broken, any ideas or suggestions ? ');
How do you turn off the Memory Seat option? Want to put the seat in one position and not have it move. It moves when the car is started and turned off. ...
Hello, Next thing up is a seat. Want it to slide and work with the stock seat belts. Anybody got any recommendations? Cheers Scott
hi my behind passenger seat (the backrest part) is giving noisy spring noise. where can i get to replace the seat? junkyard have?or can i so something to the springs?thanks
I have a 2002 jetta gls with the heated cloth seats in it. My driver seat hears up very well, then you have the passenger seat which can be switched on and not do anything at al...
Can someone with a 77 please tell me what the factory seat back angle is supposed to be from the seat bottom? What degree the angle is? Thanks Jack ...
Anyone install a kirkey pro drag seat in their vette? What size did you go with? What brackets did you use?
i have a 95 wrx impreza will a newage seat fit and will it be a straight swap? front and rear? ');
Can anyone tell me what this connector is for? It is located under seat or thats where the PO had decided to make it end in that area.
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