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More than a year ago

Should i only use the nissan atf or is fine to be using other compatible atf? Have any of you used other atf before?
how can i upgrade and tune my maxima to get the maximum performance out of it?   2012 Nissan Maxima
Anybody know of one?I need a full load bed for our old Nissan Hardbody, the older version of the NP300 shape. Any ideas?
Nissan Publishes Super Bowl Ad Teaser - Sportscar365
Does anybody know if there is a Nissan Head Office by any chance? I cant find anything on the doesnt state anything for a head office...?Thanks
Which one would be more of an all around fun car? Has anyone had both with an LS conversion? ');
Has anyone received one? Installed? We can also theorize about what fails next with RPM. VVEL?
Am interested in one from 2005/2006 vintage.Anything I should specific to take note of with these diesel cars?
Quote: Please be aware that a recent design change was made by Apple to their iPod® and iPhone® products. As a result of this change, some customers may repo...
Im in need of rotors and was looking at prices and saw Nissan value advantage, as well as OE. I was just curious what the difference is? if any? Anyone ever used these parts?
hey guys i got a 98 nissan an lq4 into it that i did myself...wanna plan on FI or not sure if i should keep it n/a ....wanna daily it but still run at the track
I am thinking of purchasing a 4WD Nissan Xterra. I want to know if it can be flat towed behind a motorhome. Can the transfer case be put in neutral to take the transmission ou...
Found a site today called that sells the NEW 11kW/h Battery Block 182V /60Ah Nissan Leaf Batter Pack. Does any one know anything about them?
I have a nissan cherry '84 model I am covering about 100km per day, and lately it seems to need half a botle of water to the refidgerator per day. It has no leaks, I checke...
Can I run 235/75/15 on a stock 1996 Nissan 2x4 without a lift? I have them on the back already with no issues just not sure about the front.
I need to service the kiddie carrierI heard Northcliff nissan has a history of theft issues. Spare tyre etc. Very unfriendly when I called there.What is your opinion?
I am trying to find out who makes the 2009 370Z Sports pkg caliper offered by Nissan. I tried Google search with no luck. Thanks in advance.
We're having a special on NISSAN OEM manual transmission fluid 75W85. $8.50/each + tax LOCAL PICKUP ONLY! NO SHIPPING!
I just got a 87 Isuzu pup but needs a new engine and a buddy has a 90 nissan d21 with a running engine and trans . How much work will I have to throw into it?
Any thoughts? Other then the nissan being vvt,, what other major issues? This is just thinking out loud but After some measurements,, it should fit,, have great power and econo...
i have a sr20det motor out of my old 92 hatch that i want to swap into a nissan pickup, but i dont know how hard it would be yet alone what's involved. can someone please he...
Hey guys, i was at work tonight and caught a glimpse of the local news and all i saw was nissan recall and thats when my heart dropped, didnt see anything else cuz i was at work...
Quote: DTC P0456 DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION Generic Nissan TSB. 370Z model may or may not be affected.
Quote: The Intelligent Key is not functioning for any reason. Generic Nissan TSB. 370Z model may or may not be affected.
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