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More than a year ago

Anyone know what the part # is for these clips.....I need them for a 72 4 speed shifter linkage....? Brian
just tryin to see how its done, got one im thinkin about puttin a set up on. Pics would be great!!!!!!!!!!!
I put in a 2011 5.3 with 6speed automatic tranny on my 99 GMC Sierra pickup what all do I need to get my original cluster to work with this
Does anyone know if there's anyone that makes a dual cold air intake system kit for TBI GMC/Chevy trucks
I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500.  Currently the tires are 245 / 70 / R17 Can I put 225 / 55 / R17 on it?  What would it do as far as traveling?  in hill/mountainsides?  
I have a 1969 gmc with coil springs in front and leaf in the rear. I want to know what is the best route to go to lower it as much as i can without a c notch. want to keep it le...
My Dad and i just traded for a 1996 GMC with a 454/ 5 speed. Previuos owner was driving the truck and it just shut off and would not fire back up. Currently the truck has no spa...
I have this gmc Typhoon that was forced to be my daily drive because my 91 GTA was totaled. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some of the issues I am having. This is ...
971 GMC truck straight six. Tried to crank it yesterday. It turned over three times and them quit. Nothing will work now including all of the lights. I charged the battery re...
ok I have a 2002 GMC with a 4.3here's what it does it will start when you roll it over but when you let key back to on it stopsalso the security light is on! all the time
I have 4 Chevy center caps for N96 (ZQ8) 2nd gen rims and need the GMC version. Mine are chrome finish. Anyone want to swap?
I was looking at a wrecked 2005 GMC Envoy 4x4 and was wondering if the engine and transmission was basically they same that's in the full size pickups and suvs. Would this still...
Does anyone make a lift kit for a 1966 gmc 3/4 ton or is there any ideas on how to go about it? It has coiled springs in the front and leafs in the rear. Thanks
5 Facts about Dave Kixmiller's GMC Sonoma By Bassem Girgis
I am having a hard time finding a new transfer case in my area for my 99 gmc Sonoma zr2. Can I swap it for a gmc or chevy 1500 transfer case? Push button
Hello all, My boyfriend and I just inherited a 1971 GMC Jimmy and we are looking to put a roll cage in it it order to install shoulder belts. Anyone know what is the best kin...
I painted this truck back in october and finally got around to putting all the trim back on. Weather was good enough today to get it out and click some pics.
using this sticker on the side of your transmission you can use the chart below to determine what year make and model it came out of. Year Make Model Engine Tag ID Tag ID...
Hi I have problem with 2012 GMC Sierra turbo , I use Texas speed maf but it's not read I change the wires like this
Hi peolpe new to american muscle can anyone point me in the right direction for infomation on a lr4 or lm7 swap to a gmc 96 sonoma? The block is 12551358 and head 862. Im pullin...
Hoping I can get a little advice here. My 64 GMC smokes when starting up and after sitting at stop lights, then cleans up pretty good. I think it is valve leakage. How does o...
What is everyone doing for AC on their S10/GMC? I have a superior radiator but I had to remove the A/C condenser because the radiator sits in the core support where the AC ...
I can't get my tachometer to work after I droppedls1ls1 in my 95 gmc sierra I did away with original pcm and had factory harness sent off to plug into ls1 that came out of a 0...
Have a 2008 Gmc Acadia and it wont start. Was told before to check wires on starter and found a plug connection hanging probelm is cannot find were it plugs into. Any have any i...
i have a 69 gmc 4x4 3/4ton and just installed a 4" spring lift. front stock slip is 7" and the rear slip (to center bearing) is 6". what new lengths do i need? and when done sho...
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