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More than a year ago

Can anyone help identify the model of these BMW wheels? This is the new X5, but I don't see this wheel in the bmw configurator.
yea, what the title says. i want to see cars with BMW engines in them that are not bimmers. i have yet to see a thread like this so....go for it
I am looking into a new BMW and I hate the steering feel of the EPS. I am wondering which BMW's have hydraulic steering.
The track forum seems like the best place for this. Have you ever encountered a failure of a BMW tow hook? Not an aftermarket one, but the BMW part that comes with our cars.
Has anyone had any success using Deep OBD2 app for registering a battery? Or the Carly app for BMW?
E30/E36 Mishimoto rad for sale, still in box $210 shipped.FIts1998-1999 BMW 323is1988 BMW 3251988-1995 BMW 325i1988-1995 BMW 325i1988-1995 BMW 325is1988-1995 B...
Not sure if this has been posted before but never the less it is a very entertaining video, showing you impressive driving skills of a driver in a much slower car (BMW M3 E92) a...
Surely electric cars are the future, but with load shedding in our country, do you think its ideal?
Hello!What cheapest cable work with BMW explorer? Thank you!! (The search function is broken.)
750 miles , no audio. Cant get part because of U S Customs' delay. Anyone have an idea? BMW USA can,t help!  
Does anybody know of ANY places in Connecticut that do BMW tuning? (mostly looking for someone with FI experience)
Hi there I am looking for REAL BMW csl 359m alloy wheels does anyone have a clue of where these can be purchase much appreciated
Looking for 14 inch rims for my 1973 BMW 2002 original. any recommendations of where tp purchase?Thanks JK
does the 2007 BMW 530 I has two water pumps?, an electric one by the thermostat, and another one on the engine behind the fan?
I have just found this website that has a wide range of BMW Service Manuals. Just wanting to share with you guys
my bmw will not turn over at all. i recentlly had an auto start installed and my vehicle was working fine. i have put in new spark plugs and nothing is happening. what can be th...
Client of ours bought his BIL's 2012 F10 320i for his wife - BMW wants R1850 to transfer motorplan to his name.does this sound correct?And if he doesn't do it, it will effec...
Hey guysI have a 2003 BMW 540i and the BMW badge on the front of the car is getting worn out and dosent look as good. I was wondering if there is anyway to have it rebadged or...
I was wondering if the cats and exhaust systems off a bmw 2016 740i is interchangable with a 2011 bmw 730d i want to change them over basically for a customer
Does anybody have experience for using the BMW Standard tools package on BMW bike.I have searched for this, but find little info. I am mainly focus on older bikes from middle ...
Hi. I'm looking for a BMW specialist or classic car specialist in Gauteng/Pretoria that can overhaul my 1969 BMW 1602's engine and carbs. Cheers
I know the M6 is heavier but why do most reviews prefer that over the M5? What's in the M6 chassis that isn't the M5?
The BMW ConnectedDrive Apps option (6NR option)...Can this be retrofitted, or added, to an '09 CIC iDrive system?I see some of the Yanks are doing it, but is it something tha...
Can someone tell me how to remove the entire headlight from my car? I would greatly appreciate your help
I have one or two small things that need to be checked out on the M3 and I will not take it to the stealer.
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