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More than a month ago

The time us up for me to get another Subaru... I'm hooked...and getting hitched. Anyone have a hook up on an Ambassador Coupon? So Subaru runs an Ambassador program w...

More than a year ago

Does the Subaru Legacy GT limited have the same motor as the STI?? I've been looking around and not sure what kinda motor it has. Thanks!!!!
edit) which car is better?   _________________________________________________________........................................................................
so jalopnik just posted this. not sure if this is coming to an autoshow soon or whatever, but it looks amazing!
I am looking to buy a used Subaru Crosstrek and my friend told me that the maintenance cost of a Subaru is higher than similar models of other brands. Is this true? I have ...
Opinions about the boxer diesels? what are they like? issues performance? Good or bad? Looking at a 2009 Subaru impreza
Title says it all. Will they? I've asked a few of the people at my local subaru dealer and most say they don't know, one said he hopes so. A new outback with ~300hp would ...
Has anyone found a source for a definitive list comparing the differences between the WRX and STi and what you get for the added $8K between the 2 versions? I have been to Subar...
Anyone have any personal experience with Subaru's as a used car?Are they "Honda" reliable?Searching for used car for one of my kids...Thanks!
Does anyone remember or have any experience with the Subaru XT coupe? I loved the look of these when they came out, but have never seen them mentioned here. What were they like?...
Been on vacation so I missed this last week. Ask/flame away:2013 Subaru BRZ Auto First Test  
Saw this earlier today on my commute. Unmarked but obviously a Subaru. It was led by a red BRZ with manufacturer plates.Just wanted to share
So Hanzo, tell me more about the Focus ST that you bought...
LEDs looks like an aftermarket job... Though the real question is... can I get DIT in the BRZ?
Anyone know? I ordered a pair of used Subaru horns and they say "Mitsub" on them. Is that short for Mitsubishi? I Googled but didn't find anything. I could ask on a Subaru forum...
Make this car. Please. New WRX Concept at the NYC Motor Show.
Well, I saw one of these in the parking lot at my gym. I don't know, for costing in the mid-$20K, I would expect more power. I guess I haven't caught up mentally with inflation....
After much long waiting and research and looking, I've decided its time to test drive the 16 WRX and see how it is.I've search on here to see which dealer is better but the ...
I have never driven a BRZ. Can anyone that has driven both give me an idea how the two cars compare? Thanks! Ken
I know the WRX has been recently unveiled but it appears that zero info or pics have been released about the upcoming STi, am I wrong? ');
After a quick search it appears that zero info or pictures have been leaked about the upcoming STi, or am I wrong?
I am thinking about getting into one, the idea of a 10/10ths car sounds great for a commuting car. ');
Just purchased an 08 impreza. Was wondering if any of you guys can recommend a site for aftermarket accessories. I looked on google and couldn't find much.
Subaru introduced two new models this week. At the Tokyo Motor Show Subaru introduced the Cross-Sport. A shooting brake based on the BRZ/GT86 platformThen, a little while ...
Quote: Bowing to continued media and internet speculation, Subaru of America has confirmed that i...
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