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More than a year ago

Write up posts for any honda meets here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Strictly Honda. ');
63 photos and details in the gallery Honda Crider
I build this honda to see how easy it wasMk4 side marker:pTrying some new wheels
Anyone heard about it / had any experience with it / own it? I had a Honda Metropolitan that was really fun for tooling around my neighborhood. But the Grom seems even cooler
Honda Vezel by Mugen Honda Vezel by Mugen
1029HP Bisimoto Honda Odyssey 1029HP Bisimoto Honda Odyssey
Been in the area for a while and see many Honda's rollin around. Are there any meets or specific spots people meet up?
Honda Civic rear bad is it really in every day motoring due to that rear spoiler? Would it put you off buying?
Details tomorrow @ 9:30 Pics: First Honda with two sunroofs? ...
Parents have decided to pick up a new Honda Fit LX. Anyone have a good contact for a good deal?Thanks!!
Anybody on this Honda Insight as wish to switch over from Civic just for the FC?Any good or bad feedback as supposed the battery is 10years!!!
There's nothing like arguing with a Honda lover about how much better a Miata will always handle better than a Honda. Except when it comes to an S2000 and then it's just whoever...
2010 Honda Crosstour Motorweek review.
chanced upon this in one motoring website by chance, saw that honda is making loss by selling honda jazz.... take a look below. This post has been edited by Aj2009: Toda...
JDM-spec Honda Odyssey - Official JDM-spec Honda Odyssey - Official
Just saw a Honda commercial and the test driver in the commercial says 'hey this drives better than a Sonata'... I was pretty surprised to hear that in a Honda commercial I...
Ran across this today, for all the Honda haters out there, you can now accurately say that Honda minivans 'suck'
The Japanese interest in developing engine formulas for racing is continuously growing. Honda is looking for F1 2013 Caubet. World cars news. Honda auto news
"Only" $4,939 Originally Posted by Listing Comments: ** ONLY 60K ...
Honda has recently launched the CRF250L 2012 so long story short, if you're on the lookout for a dual-purpose bike with great heritage that combines excellent off-road capabil...
Is anyone a fan of this styling? Kind of looks like the mix of a Toyota Venza and a Porsche Panamera...Honda/Acura has had some weird styling lately
So my father-in-law bought this CRV brand new off the lot in 2014 from Alberta Honda. Now he loves his Honda's (reliable etc). Second day of purchase the battery dies ...
Before I go to an an actual shop, seeing if someone wants to make a buck. Need an alternator changed on a 2001 Honda Civic. Tried my self, but it's not happening. Aleks
I'm looking at getting a first car and have seen a lot of nice 1.4 honda civics around 1998-2000..what are they like any problems? Also how hard are they to Insure?
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has the new shape Honda Civic diesel and what your opinion is on the car. Any issues to report? Cheers Audioslaven
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