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More than a year ago

any other mini forums similiar to how dominate bimmerforums is. this mini sub forum seems really dead
My girlfriend is looking at purchasing a mini in the near future. I was wondering if anyone had anything I should look out for when looking at a mini? Any common problems? Much ...
I see two different spoilers here. One a full size and one in a "Mini" size on the Red C7. I think the Mini looks a lot better than a full size. Is this an option? ...
Hi guys,Anyone knows who is the stockiest for Mini in Singapore?Need to get couple of parts for a Mini Cooper S.Thanks.
i am interested in coding a mini cooper, a list of what is possible would be helpful, and where to do it (or remotely?). Im in the chicagoland area
Going through the owner's manual and see the Mini has a rust through warranty Anyone have experience with it? Just wondering
Has anyone installed a mini curb alert system? Was it a big job, how do you like it? ');
Does anyone sell mini tubs to fit my 59 or do I have to make my own ?? There was a post on here a while back where someone was offering them, but can't find it now. ...
What would it take to get a honda engine in a mini cooper and get it wired correctly? Would it even be worth the effort?
Regular Mini Cooper Transforms Into John Cooper Works Mini andHow The MINI Clubman All Wheel Drive System Works
morning guys, so i went to buy the bmw coolant from the dealer, and they gave me a mini cooper coolant and told me its the same and that they're trying to help with the mini coo...
MINI on the Mack is back! Over 1,300 MINI's gathered in Michigan to attempt to break the current world record of largest MINI parade. Have you ever seen so many MINI's in one ...
Pelicans! Just like our fall drive thread, we want to get a thread going of what winter is like in your geographic location. Whether it be snow, sunny or anything else pl...
Megafactories - Mini Coupe Megafactories visits the MIni factory to see how the Mini Coupe is made.
No, not the C7...yet. ');
CARS Mini Cooper Mini Cooper Conv
what is the best kit for mini tub a first gen camaro? what is the cost to do something like this? might be looking to doing this to my 67 if the price is right.
Looks like it would be a blast to take a few runs on the salt flats. What do you think? Would you take your MINI to Bonneville?
OFFICIAL - The New MINI Clubman  
This is a Flywheel ONLY from SPEC designed for a Mini Twin Disc SetupLess than 2k Miles of use$350 obo
08 Mini base, oil fouling number 2 plug, compression at 198 and leak down was 0 loss. any help would be great
anyone mini-rubbed and have rear flared quarters? What width wheels are u running and what size tires??
Hey guys, what type of mini-fuses work for our cars? I've purchased the Cooper-Bussman and Littlefuse ones but neither quite fit.

More than a month ago

Really great article came up about the elephant in the room. You know, how big MINI's really have come from their previous predecessor the Austin Mini. Below you will see the ...
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