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22 days ago

It has been practically 50 years since I have been to Famoso and I am going to the March Meet. Can anyone enlighten me on the food concessions and the facilities? Are they any g...
not sure if this was posted but netflix has a series called Dirty Money and there is a full episode on Scott Tucker.
The Targa Florio was an open road endurance automobile race held in the mountains of Sicily near Palermo. Founded in 1906, it was the oldest sports car racing event, part of the...
Open track 1-5 PM Tuesday Feb 6 at NJMP. Only 5 cars allowed on the track with one driver per car and possibly a coach. $500/car. Need financial commitment by Friday Feb 2. 1st ...
I attended my first IMSA race this weekend as I was at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Wow what an event! Was disappointed to see how the 911s fared (including losing one even rig...
Well that sucks. Any Rlisters out that way keeps your eyes on the pawn shops.
Anybody giving it a try in CS with the Fiat 124? A bit of extra weight but also extra torque and stiffer factory suspension...stock rear 14mm sway. Single cat car with cat way...

23 days ago

2010 Grand Sport. 499whp plus some spray now and then. I have some 315/35-17 MT radials on old ZR1 wheels for the rear. I want a front set up as well. Do all the fron...
For sale AIM solo(non dl). Perfect for pre ODB2 cars.. I sold the 993 And moving to SPC. Asking 200.
I am selling my AMB hardwired transponder. It is in very god condition. $500. Thanks, Charley
I just sold my racecar so I am selling my Longacre 50650 Tablet Memory Tire Pyrometer. This is by far the best Pyrometer I have ever used and the unit has literally only been u...
New with box and horn button a few scratches on button wheel excellent. $150 plus shipping and any Paypal fees if charged. Thanks
I posted this in the GT3 forum, on second thought it might be better suited here:
Glad to see Felipe Albuquerque get his Prototype and overall win in the 24 Hours of Daytona this year. I love the Taylor brothers, but after last year's controversial finish in...
Porsche continues to struggle with the new RSR. Over the last year and then again tonight, just don?t seem to be finding any lucky breaks. The Fords are nuts fast. Must be so...

24 days ago

Looking to get an app on my I phone for auto x. Without having obd 2 what is best bang for the buck. I have read up a bit on Track Addict and Harry?s Laptime Grand Prix edition
Hi, posted in road racing as well....ive been reading up and was wondering if I could get some feedback on if swapping out my Z06 stock rear sway bar for a thicker ZR1 will help...
I just walked in the door from the first IHRA points event of the season at Palm Beach International was a long day... I was up at 5AM and on the road at 6...g...

25 days ago

AIM is working on a new generation SOLO and SOLO DL. I am offering my current inventory of Gen 1 SOLO DL units for 25% discount. List price is $699, I'm selling these units for ...
What were your likes/dislikes? Quality/Interior/Exterior/Ride/Handling/Engine/Transmission/Ergonomics/etc. I'm probably going to sell my 300 SRT8 soon and, if I replace it ...

26 days ago

I guess Peter aka, ProCoach is going to have a prosperous, loosen that tie and get to work, 2019.
anyone have video or pics of aftermath? they pulled the car despite really good pace. must be bad
LevelUp has announced their next racing school, in addition to a lapping day (with skidpad/car control clinic) at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Thurs 2/15 - Fri 2/16 - 2 day ra...
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