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18 days ago

Great deal on a gently used carbon, light weight, HANs device. Size 20S Extra. It comes with a HANs bag. The padding is very comfortable, and it's in great condition. The first ...

19 days ago

I know the basics, don't use more than 25% of the total limit and basically, use it sparingly, however; there have been some questions that I haven't beenable to figure out. For...
Does he ever sleep? The 80 year old team owner was on the pit box for 24 hours at Daytona, then after the race was heading to Ireland for a meeting, and then on to Germany for...
Badass race went down last night! You Tube You Tube

20 days ago

As there was talk of changing the tire on the Spec Caymans for 2018. I was wondering what tire is being run at Sebring.
FS: chateau elan room available sebring PCA3 days, thursday, friday and saturday175$ usd a night, you take all 3 daysemail me at [email protected ] or call me 514-97...
I'll be cancelling my booking for 2 nights at 4pm. Rate is $217 for both nights combined. If you'd like, pm me and I can ask them to look for your call.
current and former F1 drivers... hang out in SoCal, off road and race karts at Auto Club Speedway... pretty funny video...
Took a quick peek at the POC web site and it wasn't readily apparent. Does anyone out there know the answer? Thanks. Mike
Here u guys.... Wish the outcome was better... BOP????? IMSA=CLOWNS
Check out the add
Formula 1: 'Grid girls' will not be used at races this season
I was sharing a Youtube dashcam video with a few friends where the driver oversteers and goes off the road.One friend replied saying how the driver was a fool and that he woul...
What a crock of PC nonsense.

21 days ago

Anyone doing this? Looks pretty low risk, I need a stress reliever and can't wait for the snow to melt! I'd be taking the 340i, a bit of a tank but it should be fun - based on...
Your pole sitter, Renger Van der Zende Jeff Gordon Fernando Alonso's first Daytona 24 Hour ...
Bought it for $895 an an impound auction.
I did a search with no result. I've never been a fan of the Toyo 888, but I'm hearing the 888r is decent. Has anyone with an Evo tried them?
If a doctor confirms that a women has two babies growing inside, and they are each from their own egg (not twins from one split egg)..... How can I figure out what the % cha...
Hello, I am trying to justify spending around $600-700 on a aftermarket k member. So my question are there any cars that have run mid 10s or faster with a stock k member? Als...
Noobie here, not sure if its fast enough for any "lists" or if it even belongs here, but add as you wish. Full weight, pump gas ethanol 76mm yada yada Instagram
Looks like he will do the entire WEC season except for dates that clash with F1
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