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13 days ago Thought it might be of interest. A great idea long time in coming. Some great people behind this.
New film and book coming.
Ran my first few HPDEs last summer in my 981 Cayman 2.7 and had an absolute blast. Looking forward to this season and thinking about a couple of upgrades (not power, the car is ...

14 days ago

Looks like we might actually get a race in sunday. ?Knocks on wood?Who?s in?What?s with the new transponder location? Did we have issues with the trunk mount last se...

15 days ago

RCH-139010A-H - RACING RADIOS 4/C RADIO CAR HARNESS (IMSA) Four Conductor-Style (IMSA) radio car harness. Compatible with Motorola two-prong style hand-held radios such as CP2...
I have an M2 and recently put on the track brakes for an event this weekend. Hawk DTC-60 pads. I wanted to get input about how they clunk when I brake going forward and then rev...
I?m new to DE and would like to get more from my limited track time with a coach.. but not really sure where to start. For a track day, I assume you need to share the coa...
Thought id share some great racing from our gtb1 races 1st part of the enduro race, lot of battle with Franklin Pray More interresting than pro racing hehe race starts...
I didn't want to hijack the other thread about 15x11 spacers. So my question is; Is it within the CSP rules to trim the rear edge of the front bumper that is part of the wheel o...
I typed in this topic title into Google and didn't get anything useful. Maybe you guys can help me. I have an LG Stylo 2 that I've had for about ... 10 months. All of the sudden...
I know the octane ratings differ and ms109 is oxygenated. is that it really? or something more technical to it?

16 days ago

CRAZY Onboard // Ivan PEZZOLLA Pedavena 2017 You Tube
Looking for a set of OZ Allegeritta or Forgeline wheels 18x10 rears 18x8.5 or 9" fronts The OZs pop up occasionally, but I rarely see any Forgelines going up pre own...
Perfect roll bar for a track duty Cayman. Link to marketplace listing:
Does anyone know if someone makes ?dummy? or blank lights, or covers for headlights openings ? Not using lights at the track and they get pitted pretty badly so I was looking t...
Really experiences. I am thinking of getting a HF generator. Specifically this one: Want to hear from those wh...
What is the General concensus on this? And are 17" better than 18"? Is there a tread with what tyre size will fit evo 9? Thanks

17 days ago

Anyone know how the 2015 S4 is classed in autocross? Thinking either (a) bone stock or (b) with light mods like cold air intake? Thanks in advance.
All, I went to Autodrag Speedway in Fontana, CA today. Temps were 85F, DA was nearly 2800. Prep seemed really lousy. I have a 100% stock 2016 Z51 M7 (even running stoc...
quacks like a must be me at the drag I raced on Orlando's first points event of the season yesterday...I was just a duck on the pond for all comers...
So I had my cam and stall put in (Tsunami cam and yank PAS3800), and me and my friend went at it. We just wanted to see how much faster my car got. His 5.0 has a Bama tuner with...
More random YouTube racing action 40 and 60 roll This 6gen sounds like a turd you can literally hear it bog hitting 5th. They do slow down a bit in that gear but this is a...
For those of you that have had questions about brake squeal, Porsche has prepared a video for you... the videography is nice too You Tube

18 days ago

Laguna Seca Spring Classic... anyone planning on attending or racing? Looks like an interesting event... anyone go last year?
Secret Service agents train for advanced reverse escapes.... Awesome! Facebook Post
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