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More than a year ago

Here's the start of my 48 gmc, using a 1950 frame. The plans are a 4 inch drop axle in front and some kind of 4 link and bags in the rear.
Okay. Im new here but I was at the junkyard today and saw an unmolested gmc dash. Thought about putting it in a chevy cab. Should be a pretty straight forward bolt in process ri...
From what i can tell nobody repops the GMC grills, but is there anywhere i can get the misc screws and hardware for adjusting and retaining the headlamps?
Did GMC ever make a four barrel intake that would bolt on instead of the two barrel. I know a guy with a 65 Suburban that wants to convert it to two strombergs mounted on a four...
I've got a few of these trucks I've built so my best friend has also fell for these classics so I'm building him a 67 GMC he's also involved and having a blast so here is his fi...
Help finding a functioning gas gauge for my 64 GMC, does anyone know where to find one? thanks jeff
I'm looking for 87 GMC crew cab long bed dually parts I'm trying to find brush guard i look ever where one and I'm try find running board fit my truck
Besides my 68 truck build, I am also working on a 54 GMC 5 window truck build as a shop truck on an S10....go figure right? Use what works... Started here:
Ive installed some composite headlights in my gmc. But Ive had to clock one of them so that "top" is not at top. So my question is, are all 4 of the light buckets different? ...
does anyone know were to buy a replacement lever for the heater switch? it is for the inside air temp and has a casting of 3134727. i have found them for chevy but not gmc. thanks
Iv got a 65 gmc that I have already installed rear coilovers and ladder bars, wanting adjustable coilovers in front, wondering if anyone has any idea of company making a convers...
The one that is on my truck is bad, and I have been told that it is the wrong one The people with the Gmc's can you see if you have the correct one? I'm sorta lost
Searching for someone or a vender that has something that REALLY replaces the original Turn Signal Switch on a 63 GMC !!!
Trying to determine if these would be correct on my 67 gmc. They are aluminum, not steel. Any help or info is appreciated. I didn't pull the cap off yet, but can i assume these ...
Not sure if its thread worthy, was watching Ncis Nola and looked up to see a light blue gmc. Its cool to see our trucks in mainstream tv lol especially when its unexpected like ...
Just bought a basket case of parts. I was tol it is GMC. What year and model is it for?
Does anyone know how to find out how many GMC shortbed fleetside trucks were made ? are they rare ? this is the only one i've ever owned or seen .. thanks Jeff
Have a set of NOS GMC emblems I don't need. Not sure of which years they are for or what they are worth. GM parts number are 2473493 on the G, 2473494 for M and 2473495 on C. ...
I have a question does anyone know what type of axles are in a 1970 gmc 2500 4x4 with locking/unlocking hubs? Thanks
Looking for a complete 55 GMC Series 100 grill and bumper bullets. Would like for it to be an old chrome one but woud consider a painted one too! Thanks, Johnny
Will a steering column from a 1992 GMC 3500 bolt into an 86K20? My 86 doesn't have tilt,this 92 does.Both are standard trans.
Hi Guys,I just bought this 1972 GMC, I'm want to repaint and remove the rust, how much should it cost to do that? ( Please reccomend a garage near Washington DC if you know)...
Thinking about making some t-shirts to show that 71/72 GMC pride. Do I have to post this in the "for sale" section, or just splash it up in the different forums?
Hello all, I have lurked here for a little while and checked out some great trucks and suburbans. I have been meaning to get pictures of my Dad's GMC pickup. 32 original miles. ...
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