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More than a year ago

Specifically, can a Porsche that has been repainted in certain areas qualify to be Porsche Approved CPO?
LINK[ Porsche Pictures] LINK[ Porsche Boxster Pictures]
Have I missed something or has this not been discussed?The best hybrid ever ');
Today In History: The First Porsche Was Built (1948)
Giddins@Porsche Porsche importer in the Middle East recalling the golden era of Porsche. ');
Porsche with 427 LS #1: ');
Anyone know where to buy Porsche luggage that fits the frunk without the Porsche name? Thanks! To remove this ad, register today or login if you alre...
This video suggests a way to say this name, PORSCHE
Thought you all might enjoy this accessories catalog by Porsche. Can't find a date but it has to be from around 1987...
Where is the ignition control module on my 1988 944 I am a newbie to the world of Porsche Thanks Don

More than a month ago

Hi I have a 1977 Porsche 911. The VIN# is 9117212557. Can anyone help me find out the build date? Thanks so much.

More than a year ago

Was wondering if the undercoating porsche used is still available somewhere. I posted at paint and bodywork but here also due to more traffic. Thanks
What Porsche is this exactly? The 2 photos are attached. To remove this ad, register today or login if you already are registered! ');
Who has cool Porsche signs for their garage? I saw this one over on Mecan forums and have been searching for it. Has anyone seen this one before?
This 1938 Porsche was to race from Berlin to Rome with an average speed of 140 KPH (87 MPH) ');
I am parting out a 1984 Porsche 928 . Email me what you are interested in. Pics to follow. ');
Hi, Is there anyway if identifying genuine Porsche exhaust valves? Any stampings, numbers etc? TIA ');
I know once in a while Porsche puts out a bulletin of approved oils. Does anyone have access to the latest bulletin?
Any Porsche... what is your ultimate car? To remove this ad, register today or login if you already are registered! ');
Hi, Looking for a "Porsche Parking Only" sign for my dad's birthday - Does anyone know where to get one of these ?
I would like to know if there are quality Porsche restoration shops in the Northeast and who they might be. Can anyone help !!??
...45500/sizes/z/] What is the Porsche in the centre of this picture, between the 904's? Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
Let's take a look at some Porsche advertizing posters over the years, anyone welcome to jump in & show the one he has......
Here are a few of my drawings showing the Porsche turbo powered cars, that i'we done over the years, hope you like them...
I wanted to build cars that are not something to everyone but everything to some" Ferry Porsche I am pondering over this sentence and wonder how very true it was. Bu...
Hi, Do you know some websites with nice and interesting decals? I want decals about 'Porsche', 'Porsche Classic', 'Analog Porsche', 'Air-cool', etc etc Decals about old...
So "Targa top" belongs to Porsche. The term for this removable top was first used by Porsche in 1966 for their 911 (the word taken from the Targa race in Sicily) and is a r...
Porsche Turbo vs BamBam Enjoy the show when I move my curtains ');
Hei! I have one original Nardi Wheel for my 67 Porsche. I want original Porsche-Crest hornbutton for it. Do you know what will fit in it? I got the one With the Nardi...
When it's one of these: The best Porsches that were never actually Porsches | Driving Fun stuff from Enjoy!
2014 Porsche 918 Spyder - Top Speed What a ride!!!!
I was wondering if any members here use Porsche Drive+? Add me up
Just purchased my first Porsche, a 2011 Cayman that is Porsche certified used. came with different than normal wheels, the dealer said that they were Porsche provided and not a...
Porsche 911 SC Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Porsche 911 (993) Porsche 911 (964) Porsche 912 Porsche 914 Porsche 928 Porsche 968 Porsche 944 Porsche 924 See ...
Basically, the only thing Porsche 911 about this Craigslist "rebuild" is the shell. Read the rest on the Rennlist homepage. >>
I'm wondering what happens to Porsche if VW goes down over this emissions scandal? Porsche tried to buy VW and in the end it was VW that bought Porsche. If VW is bankrupted by t...
What is the best Porsche 911 Model? In my honest opinion, some of the best would be the, 993 Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 959, Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) and the Porsche 911 G...
That would look good but it would ruin the 911 legacy. From the article: Will Porsche build a Porsche 911 Sedan? They have built a concept before but it never made ...
Hi all,enjoy these videos of the "The Super Porsche . 30 Years of Porsche 959 ." - Exhibition at the Porsche Museum Stuttgart:Porsche 959 aerodynamic study C29:P...

15 days ago

A Handful of Amazing Porsche Restorations By Christopher Hurst The only thing cooler than a Porsche is a Porsche that has been brought back from the dead. Here are the ...

More than a year ago

Porsche Shift **** And Boot Assembly - Genuine Porsche Condition: 99% new Price: USD150.00 Shipped.
What size of flares did the Porsche 930 have on the front and rear for these years? Were the flare sizes all the same for these years Porsche 930? 1977-1985 Porsche 930...
Hello, The "GTS" letters in red on porsche GTS models on headrests looks very nice - is there a way to get some red logo of the porsche crest etc on black leather headrests?...
When you need to read fault codes, clear fault code, read data stream, perform testing, and other special features of the original, you will choose what tools give you the Porsc...
I recently put in an order for my first Porsche. As a kid, I always dreamed of owning a 911, but aside from the posters on my wall and what I'd see in magazines, I'm weak on the...
Welkom op Porsche Scene Live PART 1Welkom op Porsche Scene Live PART 2
7th generation,still going strong! In the meantime the expansion of the Porsche line up unavoidably happened... I believe most here,if not all,bought their first Porsche beca...
Well, it's more like Toyota lost it...... Unbelievable, the Toyota crapped out on the last lap. Great win for Porsche!

8 days ago

certified porsche tech looking for side work in northern nj. pm me with any work you need done to your vehicles and i wll get back to you
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