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2002 745i e65So I replaced my starter DIY, a process that for many reasons took almost 2 months, and as I put everything back together I was left wondering where this obvio...
2006 750i E65 - Has anyone replaced OEM Rotors with Zimmerman coated? Any drop off in performance? Any thoughts. Doing Rear brakes with new OEM pads and contemplating the Zim...
Hello everyone! We here at Tune Time Performance know SUMMER is right around the corner! If your in need a shop to Dyno Tune Your Corvette we are one of the TOP in the business....
Was this stripe package a factory option in 2006. I know Lemans Blue was but was this stripe package a factory option for 06? It was on the 04 Z06 I'm pretty sure. tks in advance..
Optima redtop--i drive afew times a week -battery never goes below 12.55 volts--Should i keep it on a battery tender jr.on maintance mode around 13.15 volts when not driving for...
Steady engine light on and 2005 c6 will not start with fully charged battery.No sound from starter when ignition activated.
If anyone's interested....thought I'd share some pics that Derrick Hickey just Airbrushed for me on my 2007 C6 Hood Liner. Cheers, Jeff
Keep your fingers crossed for me guys. I am leaving at 4:00 am tomorrow morning for a six hour road trip to South Carolina to purchase a 2008 vert. 2008 vert 37,500 miles ...
Hi All, New here as I'm looking to buy a C6 vette sometime in the near future. I looked at the sticky threads but didn't see a recommendations/what to look for when bu...
I cleaned up my MAF and throttle body with MAF cleaner and throttle body cleaner and put everything together. Now when I start the car it sputters like crazy and the codes in th...
This thread is not about helping choose the best oil filter for my LS3. I use Mobile 1 M1-113A filter. In fact I keep one on the shelf. Today I stopped at the parts store to pic...
I am excited to install my new custom steering wheel from Redline Goods, and I'm confident in all the steps I think you have to take to complete the job, save one item. I'v...
I am a former C4 ZR-1 owner, and I loved the car. It was something that always intrigued me from the DOHC engine. As I look for a replacement I found a Z06. The Z06 I'm looking ...
Key Hole Covers are back, and better than ever!!!! Our original design uses OEM paint (we can match ALL GM Vette Colors) that will match your car perfect. - Built to Las...
Even before I bought my C6 I rarely drove my C5 anymore and pretty much kept it tucked away in my shop. I have put maybe 500 miles on it in the last 3 or 4 years. I drive it aro...
Just got my Z back from paint, had the whole thing done. I'm thinking maybe clear bra on the trailing edges of the fenders and on the rocker panels? I'm also clueless on how to ...
Hi All - Are there any Vette-friendly shops around the Chattanooga, TN area? thanks for any suggestions!
While I was waiting for my new tires to be installed at my local Chevy Dealer I asked the parts guy about the cost for replacing the bushings to stop the seat from moving when I...
I want to know if a stock LS1 with a 230/236 Cam and no more than an Exhaust System and High Flow Cats will pass state Emissions.
I had my 02 z06 weighted at a speed shop for my weight in the drivers seat. I?m looking to get either Hotchkis or T1 sway bars but am wondering will that mess up the adjustments...
I'm not new to vettes, but I am new to the Z06. My question is about using 18 inch wheels on the front. I recently purchased this 01 z06 and the prior owner put the wrong size ...
Does any one have the little white one that stays in a car and has an app for your phone? This is the one even your wife or daughter will be able to use and know what is wrong ...
Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Thought it would be a little while longer for repairs on a 20,000 mile car, but a strut and headlight gear are on order.
I picked up pizza at Pizza Hut, on way home several cars ahead I heard someone with a loud V8 driving in a way to get noticed. The sound didn't seem to move away as you wou...
I found a sealed bag in my glove box with 2 computer chips labeled 87-91 S4 from Innovative Autosports anyone know of this company or about these chips? thanks
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