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More than a month ago

Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Biplane {} Click image to enlarge From the two-wheeled side of the business, Suzuki will present the Biplane concept motorcycle in Tokyo...

More than a year ago

So I read all kindsa posts and what it seems is that you can't use the stock fuel pump for fuel injected samurai's. Is this the case? I noticed that my stock tank apperently sta...
  Any opinions before I do this?
This thing looks fun. Probably super low on power but who cares. quick lowering job and those wheels are probably all wrong for this car.
Why the Esteem has so bad sales in USA and Europe? You think of a Suzuki as a 4WD rather than a car? I think it´s a decent little car that is better than it´s similars Geo Metro...
Recently got one of these for my old man. There is a wee issue with it that's bothering us! The vanity lights in the front above the centre console, don't come on when the f...
Quote: GSX-R1000: THE KING OF SPORTBIKES The King Of Sportbikes is back, better than ever, ready to reign. It is the culmination of more than 30 ye...
My lastest work.Castings of CGM. Decals - Alps + Laser Decal, PE Charon PE, T2M Bridgestone Pneu, discs Mask Metal Race- Jerez 2011, JHopper - 10. position
Have recently purchased near stock Samurai and have little time initially to get stock engine (other than Weber carb) into stable running form and do what is necessary so I can ...
lookee here:
I would really like to get a maintenance manual for my 2002 Vitara. I have tried a number of web sites and even ordered a disk that never showed up. Any information or guidance ...
the problem started all of a sudden. changed fuel pump distribitor got ecm rebuilt changed crank sensor and mass air flow. its almost like ecm loses power some times is there a ...
Suzuki S-Cross production version teased ahead of Geneva debut Suzuki has released two teaser photos with the production version of the S-Cross scheduled to arriv...
Suzuki has stated that the production version of the all-new C-Segment Crossover will make its world premiere at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March. The C-segment crossover ...
Looking for the rubber hose that connects my air filter box to the air intake tube.  I need the rubber hose.....thanks
WELCOME ALL from POLAND Please help me Display exhibit "HELP" There have code and dump eeprom error counter data radio ID no. 39101-62j2 model No. 39101-62J20-BZH ...
Currently on the front of . Story still developing.
I'm looking for second hand SX4.Where are the area of the car I need carefully to check for problems?Any major problem for 2007/2008?Need to change the timing belt? Tha...
I just created a frapper map so that anybody who has a diesel converted Zuk can add themselves.  This will help out if there is someone interested in looking over a conversion o...
Picked up a dual sport moto recently. It's a blast, been waiting on new title to get plate and explore though. Seller listed mileage to the tenth place and DMV rejected. Ther...
Played out question, but this thing is neat! I envy the mileage.
I was driving last night and all of a sudden my car deck, amp, neons all went out.. i removed all neons because i thought the circuit was to large.. cigarette lighter still does...
Hello all , Well after a week and a half away , and logging almost 1200km's on my diesel Suzuki exploring , I am back on the diesel section ...I will try and answer all the ...
I have a suzuki S4 2012. not sure what this light means. I read the manual and I can't find it anywhere. I'd really appreciate some help. thanks
I have a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick JX, 4x4, MT, EFI.  16V, 4dr.  What is the correct model number for the ECM for my vehicle ?
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