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More than a year ago

Hi, I'm after 4 digit code for Smart 450 car radio made by Grundig if anyone could help please. Serial: MC 3416 6159 9129 Thanks.
Hi I need unlocking code for Smart Radio AM CC 0007610 V002 C41Z 00 Made by GRUNDIG IN PORTUGAL SERIAL NUMBER: MC7610Y1009025 Thanks!
You never know what will happen if the Smart brand takes off here in the states.... and it's never too early to start thinking outside of the box!!!
Hi Please help with code for Smart MC3416 and if possible reset counter (it shows SAFE) dump attached Thanx
Thought I'd ask. I've got the bucks if not too expensive. Wanna keep my smartie rolling as long as I can (no problems, I just want me and my smart to live forever!)
Project Kimber's AC Smart .
Does anyone sell double action or dual piston front brake calipers for a (2005) 450 series Smart Passion For Two?
I don't know if you can do this but on ebay cutescientist (I know I know) has enough parts for sale to build a smart.If this is forbidden (listing sellers) please delete it.
Would'nt it be really Great to have a all wheel drive Smart ? think about all the possibilites that would be, Great gas mileage and drive it year around through all kinds of wea...
Hello: I just bought a Fortwo Smart Car with a grundig DVD player. Serial number of unit is MC341641579946 it would be much appreciated! Thanks! JOhn Safruk
As a new owner, driving a smart reminds me of driving a sixties volkswagen beetle with auto tranny and air. The ride, the driving characteristics, the sound and the general "fe...
Im a new owner of a 2006 Smart. Has been sitting for approx. two months. Now it wont start. Ran fine before parking it, 2006 diesel. Any thoughts? good battery. Seems to crank s...
hiI have a smart for two and I need a new key - the whole thing is falling apart.merc is charging me R2000 which is ridiculous - where else can I look ?
World's most aspirational Smart Car - Autoweek "YOLO"
im looking to see if any one knows how can i get fog light on my 2013 smart. it seems that they only come with day light running lights only. please any info is apreciated.
I would like to buy one, completely stock. But is it smart to buy a vw gti mk5 with a 100k miles on it? has anyone done it?
Those of you that tow your smart AND use a bungee on the steering wheel - can you tell me how you employ it? Where do you attach it and why. Cause the wheel has to turn a lot a...
I love this wheel design. It works very well on the smart, IMO. Of course, like everything else, it's not available here.
My wife hit a racoon last night and cracked the front fender, broke the front spoiler. Is there a good site to find used parts? Does anybody have a fender due to upgrading t...
Hi guys is there some one who knows how to disablle the alarm sam and key security on the smart for two cars. The dealer ships here are having problems to re code the keys...
Hey guys!Busy with the conversion, its taking some time but will keep updating pics!!Fitting a Honda 1600 V-Tec engine into my Smart for 2 (450)
I thought you all should see the new fuel efficient corvette model to be released. Never has a "smart" car looked so great! ');
Anyone see Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) with Steve Carell and Keira Knightley? They put some miles on a blue smart Passion.Did a search and...
Thinking about trading my 09 on for a new one, how is the trade in value on Smarts? I have 40k on my triple black top tier Smart. Wonding who has done a trade in and what they g...
Interesting video on YouTube - you will have to search for: Fast Car - Taio Cruz (Cover by Tania Naik) Smart Cabrio outweigh other luxury cars when it comes to Teen li...
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