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More than a year ago

Will a forward facing baby seat fit into the rear seat of a coupe, convertible or targa 991?Anyone have experience?
Heard about this before. Seat cooling/heating not as strong as they were.Where are the seat filters located on 06 M35 and how can I change them out?
the old ones where so easy to take out .is there some kind of trick to snap into the four clips? ');
Hi all, I need a replacement seat cover and foam for my drivers side C5 sport seat. Can anyone recommend a vendor? Thanks! ');
Have a 2-month old infant. Has anyone had experience with an infant car seat that will fit in the back seat? Thanks in advance!
Going to get the driver seat recovered tomorrow. New position switch. Then next week passenger seat recovering. Tony
The seat heater on the driver seat quit, I have memory seats. I have not been able to locate a fuse for the seat heater, is the same fuse as the power seat control? Thank y...
Anyone figured out how to cover the front of the seat rails,my wife complains about hurting her heals on them when the seat is all the way back,i cut some air hose and put them ...
I thought I found this before but I can't re-trace my steps. Does anyone have pics of the underside of a sport seat equipped with seat heaters ? Thanks Brendan
Is the seat parts diagram available yet for the C7? All I've found posted so far is the CAD drawing of the seat cooling fans. ');
I need to get a set of seat bushings for my car, the plastic clips on the seat that fits into the rail, and the dealer no longer carries them. Anyone know a source for these?
Im 6'4 and the seat behind me is useless. Can we reove only the hardware for one seat? Like they say for weight savings. ');
I tried searching without any luck. But is the rear seat bottom glued down besides the seat belt latch bolts ? Or am I missing the other bolts? ');
c5 rag top, need to repair / replace drivers seat adjuster seat does move up and down, yoke in mechanics is broken, any ideas or suggestions ? ');
I have these seat from my rabbit. What ever any one needs from these or the whole seat itself let me know. Ill sell anything from them. Sent from some pos
How do you turn off the Memory Seat option? Want to put the seat in one position and not have it move. It moves when the car is started and turned off. ...
I got my drivers sliding seat fixed today, with the spacers [I] got from the Radioflyer. It was nice not to have the seat sliding backward and forward.. jerry ...
Whenever I take a turn my seat slides side to side, both bolts are tight in the front. Is there a way to tighten the lower half of the seat so it doesn't move?
Is there a site where I can get the new hardware for the front seats. I'm talking about the springs that go under the seat and the white clips that go into the seat rails. This ...
Hello, Next thing up is a seat. Want it to slide and work with the stock seat belts. Anybody got any recommendations? Cheers Scott
I'm curious, what does it take to remove the driver's seat? It's a 98 blazer, and it is a power seat.
will a bench seat out of a 72 work in a 70 if i change seat tracks also will a 70 seat cover fit the 72 seat frame ?
I have a ZO6 and was wondering why does the back of the seat have a latch to pull it forward when you can just pull the seat forward by itself? Thanks for the answers. ...
Anyone ever had to remove a seat that won't move, even manually? My passenger seat has a loose bolt stuck in the outboard track and will only move a few inches either way.
where are yall getting your seat brackets from for aftermarket seats. i want it where i can use the stock seat belt clip or whatever its called. thanks
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