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More than a year ago

Starting to build a 2013 scion tc !! I'm new to tuner cars but so far just the basics are done CAI and borla cat back exhaust just wondering on what people's opinions are on bu...
Thinking about trading my 2013 camry se with 4500 miles for the scion FR-s. Drop the camry for service and tested drive the Fr-s. It was a fun little car.
Hey guys I been trying to get an air splitter but its just near impossible to find one. So I was just wondering if a Scion Tc Carbon Fiber wind splitter will fit the Celica? Has...
my stock stereo is total crap and i'm looking at scion hu because of the plug and play capability. my question is what hu will let me stream pandora from my iphone. i don't need...
I've read that the CR-Z didn't get back seats in the US because of strict safety regulations. The Scion FR-S has back seats that look similar to the back seats of the ...
FS Stock Pioneer off a Scion TC 1st gen. Excellent condition. $50. Shipping and paypal fees payed by the buyer. PM or post here is the best way to get a hold of me. Located in...
Hey everyone, My wife and I have owned 2 corollas now, and are thinking of buying a Scion xD. We have test driven one and think that it will be an outstanding car. The onl...
Okay so currently I'm running a stock 2009 Scion tC, and as you all know the acceleration is terrible. I'm not looking to increase top speed, but I want to be able to accelerate...
Can't decide if i want to do: Hybrid Audio Legatia L6SE Hybrid Audio Legatia L1SE Audison bitone or Some sort of Morel Speakers that already has crossovers....
Great review of these two iconic cars:
Excerpt: After nearly 13 years, Toyota has decided to drop the youth-oriented Scion brand. Despite an attempt last year to rekindle its mojo with two new models, the iA and iM...
Will they fit?I know they fit the previous generation Prius.Wondering if 2016 is sameThank you
Like the refreshed models from 2014 on ...180 hp ..Still one of the few hot hatchs with 6 speed Manual available ...Really Cool looking car ....
Where are the front and rear jacking point for our cars?I'm not talking about the pinch weld spots for the emergency jack but for the area in the center of the car where y...
Got a few radios I need sold. Posted to sell quick.... Priced picked up T1805- $50 2- T1808- $60
Dear Toyota/Lexus/Scion, It's time for you to make your own "smart-watch". I'm ready to buy. Sincerely, A Toyota/Lexus/Scion enthusiast
You Tube You Tube
Scion has announced the arrival of the 2013 Scion iQ EV in United States. The iQ EV features Toyota’s newly developed high-output lithium-ion battery which delivers a world-cl...
So there is now a supercharger for the FR-S.  However, it's not for street use.  Also, the other problem is that it costs as much as the car itself.     __...
Which is the better buy? Or would you pick something just a little bit more $ like a Civic Si? Something sporty around $20K and brand new...  
I have got as high as 45 mpg average on highway and the lowest city driving 32 MPG average. Not bad for a 1.8 liter
Hi,I just went over to Dunkin Donuts and thought I'd take a picture of the IQ under a full moon.Great car, it's more than I could have ever hoped for.
What makes me happy is to be able to accessorize the IQ...Here is a photo of the carpet and shift knob...By Tuesday I hope to receive the sway bar, that will amke a ...
I see that the "Take on the Machine" is now online -
Scion FR-S Concept Preview The "Toyobaru" is now a Scion. It's a decision that makes sense for the U.S. market, as Toyota needs to increase enthusia...
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