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More than a year ago

Scion Brand to Transition to Toyota
Just got news today at a training session the the IQ will be brought to the US in about 12-18 months...and it WILL be a Scion.
Please post all of your Scion specific social events HERE
2011 Scion tC Driven
chevy and toyota must be using the same manufacture in China huh?? ');
Scion Owners is proud to present an exclusive video on the Making of the Scion FR-S Concept! Scion VP Jack Hollis takes you through the inspiration behind this magnificent conce...
Supercharged Scion TC VS Turbocharged Scion Xb close race.
Not bad actually. This is based off of the European Scion Auris and will replace the xB.
Has anyone heard of converting a Scion xB to EV using the drivetrain of a Leaf? I haven't taken any measurements, but it the radiator is removed from the scion, it might fit. I ...
I wonder why no one posted this. To bad Toyota is not touting this story to try to get more sal...
Cars xA xB tC
Scion Teases New Concept Debut for Los Angeles Auto Show According to Scion: ?Following the recent introduction of the Scion iM 5-door hatchback and the sporty Sci...
Hello, new here...anyone have any pics of Scion TC wheels on a stock height 6th gen Camry? These are the wheels I'm referring to...

More than a month ago

Are they going to fit? Wheels are 17in wheels from scion tc and they are going to be used for corolla 2004. I can get or choose the tires later on. Thanks a lot.

More than a year ago

The Scion TC2's AT uses the same model U760E transmission as the 2010- Camry. Are the cv axles interchangeable between both cars or are they vehicle specific?
with Honda rumored to bring the new S-660 "1000?" over to america would this little Daihatsu concept car from last years Tokyo auto show make a sweet scion rival?the Honda...
Does anyone knows if a scion xb 16" steel wheels or a camry steel wheels fit the nc? I know the lug patterns will but not sure about the center bore.
I was looking at the Tsunami spoiler, and its kinda similar to the Scion TC wing. Anybody knows if its gonna fit Celica?
Hello, I have a 06 Scion XA the check enginee light has been on for about 9,000 miles the dianostic can't read the code??? Sometimes it goes off, then comes back on?? Any help ...
my scion xa 2005 is leaking coolant driver side does anyone have a radiator diagram where i could see which hose connect to the radiator thx
Canadian Debut of the Scion iQ at the Montreal International Auto Show
would this bolt up to the camrys bay or is the tc engine bay setup different?
MotorTrend reporting the plug is FINALLY being pulled on Scion.
Would you trade a 370z Base with 37K miles for a Scion 2013 FR-S with 17K miles? The local dealer is offering the Scion FR-S, listed at $2275.
Scion Pure Process makes buying a car surprisingly easy. Patrick just got a new FR-S and his neighbor Todd is about to discover how awesome it can be to buy his own Scion
Question for those that have added SCION radios in their rigs. I have been talking to a vendor about making a black vinyl sticker with white letters that would cover up th...
With scion only a few months away in Canada, I would like to start getting some meets setup. So if you have a scion and you would like to be part of this please chime in. I will...
Might purchase one. Anyone ever done triple or quad alts in one? Is it possible? Engine bay looks kinda tight
I can't believe that MN DMV allowed this plate: My wife took this photo from her own xB, so there is a joke to be made here.
Anyone selling or know where to get a TRD exhaust system local in orange county so i dont purchase it online?
I am thinking about getting into one, the idea of a 10/10ths car sounds great for a commuting car. ');
i think that this car is only for young people . The price is good so this car is at the same time beautifyl and accessibility .
So i recently broke the dial on the right side of my scion radio. Does anyone know where to replace the knob? I can't find it on the scion website.Any info will be a great hel...
Scion Owners is proud to present this exclusive video on the making of the Scion FR-S Concept! Formula DRIFT driver Ken Gushi of Team Scion takes you through the potential of th...
Quote: When Scion was originally launched in 2003, the automaker intended for its models to f...
ScionLife has an exclusive quick over-the-nose shot of the Scion FUSE concept car. The Fuse will sport a chop top and a mad short snout as you can almost tell from the one tease...
As I was walking to work this morning I spotted one of the rarest of birds: a Scion xD. It is so rare to see them (at least here in NYC) that as I was walking up on it I first t...
No new product for a while, but the dealers are sticking with Scion.
I'm sure everybody thought it was going to happen... but here it actually is... a Lexus LF-A bodykit for the Scion FR-S! AWESOME or AWFUL: We Introduce You To The Scion FR-...
For those among us that think Scion should close up shop, here is a good reason not to. The tC actually has good numbers among young buyers. The hope is that Toyota can get so...
Hey guys, So I was just curious and saw that a Scion TC of similar year has pretty much the same horse and torque as my 08 Spyder. I don't race or anything but in theory I don...
Sunday afternoon drive in my Scion IQ Sunday afternoon drive in my Scion IQ ...
Just purchased 2008 Scion XD for son. I always change my own oil. Appears that Scion XD 1.8 liter uses a paper cartridge oil filter rather than a traditional spin on filter. Do ...
Jay Leno - 2013 Scion FR-S Jack Hollis, VP and General Manager of Scion, joins Jay for a top-to-bottom rundown on the heritage-inspired FR-S. Designed to go from road to t...
So Scion Tc injectors for the 2AZ-FE are 320 (or 330) CC and have a 12 hole spray pattern, they sound like the the next iteration of the updated 2ZZ injectors that were 320CC (t...
Hi guys, I'm looking to get my hands on a core engine for a 2002+ camry or a scion tc. If anyone has access to one, please shoot me a PM.
Dear friends, I am fan Honda car but my family told me that It use more gaz than Scion (toyota brand) Could you show me some clues that I told my family and hope th...
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