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More than a year ago

Since Saab went bankrupt and aren't around anymore, where could I get OEM parts? Would GM sell them?
Who on TCL at some point in the recent or distant past bought a Saab. New Saab (purchase, lease, or finance) Used Saab Don't care for Saab Have at it. I have a fe...
Hi Saab owner, I'm considering a used 2 yrs old Saab and wondering what are the usual repair for saab of this age? Heard that it's an unreliable car but somehow is captivated...
my saab 900 old girl is flat in the garage got no friends to help ordered a charger will that do it?
If I'm lying, I'm dying...
Watching daily Seinfeld tv show I saw that Jerry was driving a Saab 9000 if I'm not wrong. Do you know any other TV shows were SAAB had a "custom-role"? Just curious. Thanks
Saab Owners please identify yourself here so that we can share info on car problems, parts and technical info.....1. Saaber (Saab 9-5)2. 3.4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
Check out this video pick by Jonathon Klein of a Saab with a LS2 in it here: Thanks! ');
Hi, I read the radio in my 1999 saab 9 5 are behind the radio. I need info ofhow to get to them to check them out. Thanks-- posted from
Fires up first time but starting running lumpy.accelerates ok and is fine whenhot it's just a problem when cold, any ideas ,thanks-- posted from
Brought over from the previous thread, 1. Saaber (Saab 9-5) 2. Saabss (Saab 9-3SS) 3. Jman (Saab 9-5) 4. Offshore (Saab 9-3SS) 5. Allim (Saab 9-5) 6. tuscani77 ...
Looking at an 09 Saab 9-5 1.9 diesel automatic. Hearing very different reports about them. Anybody here got any useful advice on them?
I'm looking for tips on the common problem areas to check for a cooling system leak on a 2003 saab 93. It's leaving puddles of water/coolant under the engine
As the title i am thinking of buying a 08 Saab 9-3 diesel 150bhp. Does anybody know the pros and cons of these cars? Is there anything i should watch for,there seems t...
Been trying to sell one of these for about a week, one call, time waster! Anyone tell me why? It's the only SAAB of its kind on done deal under cork
Always liked the way they looked. How are they on the scale of reliability?How many Aeros did they make? Something interesting about a Corvette powered Saab reskinned truck.
I seem to be losing power in my 03 Saab 93, i particularly noticed it in 3rd gear, there are no warning lights coming on and nothing seems wrong but i just dont have the power i...
Anyone know how to program a remote for a 2006 9-7x (SUV made by GM just like a Trailblazer with SAAB Name)
Hi I want to have cool lights on my Saab. Maybe a bodykit. But how do I do this. Should I go out o the macanic and ask him Tux guyz
Hi coleagues. I need code for SAAB Clarion radio PU-9715A with S/N YS2765R1025286. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day and week.
Any one have use the gm tech2 clone in saab? how about the quality? i konw my friend get the orginal tech2 is so expensive,so i'd like to konw what the quality about clone version 
I was reading on another forum that the sunroof glass from a Saab 9000 is a direct fit for an e28, and I was wondering if that means it will fit an e23? If so it'll be a great u...
Hi Guys,I have a Saab Clarion PU-2147B that needs to go into another car. Has anyone got a solution for this please?Thanks. Regards,Jules.
Can anyone give me a rough estimate on the cost of replacing a clutch on a saab 93 2.0l turbo car. Year 2000. Cost of turbo replacement would also be helpful.TIA.
Saw one for the first time last night watching Sudden Impact...Gorgeous little car. Pity about the FF layout. I would chose an Opel GT over it for that very reason. SaabOp...
On my saab 9-5 I had an engine managemnt light come on. I checked out it said throttle return spring reset. Too low force P1260. Please advise me how to go about it
ok i need a little help i have a 86 saab i bought a few months. has been running well but went to to start it and it will not turn over i hear the starter but the motor will not...
Saab 9-5 LPT Previous owners or enthusiasts any views?
looks. Like. Saab 9-3 and opel insignia are price the same as a volvo 1.6 t4. Which would you go for ?assuming road tax is not an issue.
and had no idea existed. A 9-3x. The Saab Allroad. in this color: Looked up the production numbers and they seem to be just a bit higher than the 9-4...
Well, it's for sale.
Manufacturing turbo gasoline 9-3s for the Swedish market and... electric version for China.
Quote: General Motors said it will shut down Saab after attempts to sell the brand to Spyker Cars collapsed, marking the third time this year that a deal to ...
Hi All, Just found abt this website. I noticed that most of the postings r abt Volvo. What abt Saab? It's going for $140 now ( omv $29k). Is it a good buy? If USA is going ahe...
Was having kopi this morning at Suntec. Saw cars coming in and being set up for a roadshow. Its for SAAB and OPEL. The SAABs look nice. I oledi hv a car but also considering...
Cd player keeps changing says wait changes to next disk then won't play any ofthem..worked fine for a long time.-- posted from
Hello, all....I found my way to my GTI because of the demise of SAAB. I have been driving SAABs of all sorts, since 1988. My favorite one being my 1991 SAAB SPG in Beryl G...
Saab files for bankruptcy No options left, Muller pulls plug. Having used up all its options, long-struggling Saab has filed for bankruptcy, ending a desperate bid for su...
Honda and Volkswagen are the top two brands that Saab owners defect to. Consumers seeking luxury, look to...
I wanted to take the opportunity to create this thread to discuss the fate of Saab , a company that has been declared ''brain-dead'' long ago, even though the bureaucratic life-...
Saab MAY Calendar Wallpapers are ready! We have "Saab NG 9-5" and "Saab 9000 Aero MYC" for this month. Special thanks to Jose Byron Gonzalez and Johan Loof for providing marvelo...
Scania Cars ... Does anybody know if that is possible. VW was the losing bid when Ford bought Volvo. It was said that VW intention was to create a sister brand to AUDI ...
If there's an RV more deserving of hugs than this Saab 92H, I haven't met it. This adorable two-stroke Swedish meatball was built in 1963 by Torsten Johansson using the mechanic...
Hi, My brother is looking to get his Saab 95 serviced, and a few tricky electronic bits/sensors fixed. Apparently the last place he went to said they'd fix the electronics,...
After a few pre-production models back in September, the very first series produced Saab (a 9-3 Aero) under new ownership rolled off the production line this afternoon Th...
WTF???? Definately never seen a SAAB like that before.
Well I maybe in the minority, but I definitely like Saabs. A lot. I remember as a boy collecting Saab brochures gawking at the super quirkly interior designs with the ultra tric...

More than a month ago

I’m try to install a system in an old Saab 900. Im currently adding active crossovers and EQ sound processors. Still learning to get a nice setting that’s clean but not thin. Fi...

More than a year ago

Hey! I'm trying to get the radio unlock code for my 97 saab 900se. The radio serial number is ys4929t2077456 model number pu9716a. If you need any other information let me know...
I have been looking with no real luck.Also sorry if this is the wrong forum. The vehicles are so similar figured it was the right area. Does anyone have a recommendation f...
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