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More than a year ago

those know I have been on here a while so please PM me and I will explain why I need to gain access to a rover 25.
Looking for code on Rover 75 Alpine XQD101043PUY with serial 7RV630Yxxxxxxx Thanks up front. Marc
Hi,from the UK i think im the only one here with this car make...anyone else got a rover. Peter
Stumbled upon this while browsing the Range Rover forums. Apparently Land Rover toyed with the idea of stuffing an M70 v12 into the Range Rover line up. That would have been KIL...
2013 Land Rover Range Rover - CAR and DRIVER Senior Technical Editor Michael Austin heads to Morocco to drive the new 2013 Land Rover Ranger Rover on the latest episode o...
My Husband sold his Rover Coupe - we were very sad to see it go as 800 series cars have been our family vehicle since the 1990s...We now have a Rover 75 Tourer.The 800 went ...
Who's is the 2.2 litre 190 bhp unit now fitted in New Range Rover Evoques? ');
Range Rover Evoque has been launched in India at a starting price of Rs 46.8 lakh, ex-show room. This vehicle ....
Just got in my automatic 2002/3 Rover 45 and it is stuck in first gear. Can anyone advise what to do?
3rd Range Rover I do in as many weeks :thumbsup: Nice to be doing a white car for a change This Rover is in great shape. Just needed a quick clean-up interior, exterior an...
Range Rover Evoque Convertible
I, Can you give me a code for this ref. please : RG745W31167959 or SN311679W59 Bests Regards
After a few photos depicting the new Land Rover Range Rover 2013 have leaked on the internet, the car manufacturer has finally spilled the beans and released their own set of o...
Cars CityRover Streetwise Rover 25 Rover 45 Rover 75 Rover 75 Tourer Rover Commerce
We have everything you need for your Range Rover Garage UAE . The best choice of a Land Rover Service Center Dubai is Deutsches Auto Service Center.
Land Rover Accessories designed for your SUV. Accentuate your SUV with latest accessories that showcases the perfect combination of functionality and style.Land Rover Acc...
adamesh4x4 offers you the best option for purchasing the range rover aftermarket accessories at amazing price. You can also modify your car with these amazing aftermarket access...
An exclusive review on the TDV8 Range Rover from Land Rover, featuring info on performance, design and many other features. Included is also a small photo gallery of this model....
i am the owner of a 04 plate rover 75 connoisseur that keeps overheating have checked the head gasket and is fine also have checked pipes and system for blockages all to no avai...
Hi we are looking at a Land Rover o4 120,000 miles.....$6,000.00 I am a bit concerned about the low price! Any info. is appreciated!
hi bro ! carradio blaupunkt rover XQE 100390 BP0263 1 8408155 7 **** TEL *** 40 44 46 Eeprom 95160B6 (see dump) need code BR
Can anyone help me with a code for my stereo? Rover 45 (2001) Blaupunkt 7640263342 BP026318423409
Bought again this rover cd43 cheapm on ebay because no code. XQE 100 380 BP0263 1 8465736 FD371 Index 50 7 **** TEL *** Regards bilkert35
Hi, Looking for recommendations on an indy who can look after my 2006 Range Rover Sport, ideally around West Dublin. Thanks, C.
Anyone used these before? I'm based in Singapore atm but they say they ship worldwide, after a few Land Rover parts for the Disco.
Bought on ebay with no code. Rover CD43 XQE 100 380 BP0263 Y 8304392 7 **** TEL *** Anybody can find the code. Regards bilkert35
Is anyone running range rover rims on their x5? Is there any difference besides the offset? Any modifications done to accomodate the wheels, or is it just plug and play? thanks

More than a month ago

Looks interesting similar to the 2018 Range Rover sport changes. But the backseat on the extended has quite a few tweaks like the seat controls.  
Autobild is reporting that RR is working on a 7 seat version of the Evoque to close the niche to the Range Rover Sport. {} 
I've tried everywhere,please help..I have a 2003 Land Rover Discovery with a Becker Traffic Pro BE 4775,serial #35021843,can anyone help me get the unlock code please?

More than a year ago

hi i need the code from dump attached car radio : land rover Model: xqe500350 Serial number: 0000069 thx
So, I realize they are probably a lot heavier than the wheels that belong on the car, but many range rover wheels have the same lug patter, hub bore and almost the same offset a...
Get all the land rover discovery accessories with full of excitement at to make your car looking more dashing and experience the amazing services in best price ra...
i bought a used rover 200 and i dnt know how to install a new gar knob of a steering wheel? if anyone can help i would be so grateful.thanks.tim
Radio Visteon Land Rover 6500 CD-Europe Part Number:2CFF-18C838-AB Serial Number:M please, help me
check here Land Rover G4 Challenge
Can anyone hook me up with a hitch adapter for a Range Rover? Dealer wants $760 for it or $700 with Go-Auto discount. Seeing if anyone can get me a better deal.
I am told that Buick sold the plans to Rover for one of their engines. Is it an exact copy? I am looking for a light weight engine and this has an aluminum block doesn't it...
Chaps Search option brings me nothing!Has anyone had a MG/Rover estate and showed it some audio love? Cheers
This forum is starting to die out you can hear the crickets... So I decided to start a Rover appreciation thread. I believe that they are some of the best offroaders out there, ...
hi i have a rover 216 cabriolet there is a wobble on the steering wheel had wheels balanced still there put new tye bar bushes in but still there the steering rack seems tight...
Hi, I own a Rover 216 cabrio and the problem is that my speedmeter stoped working . The indicator is down at 0 km/h all the time. Can you pls help me to figure out how to fix it...

More than a month ago

Has anyone purchased this? If so, please post installed pictures.
Original Land Rover Defender Returns With 400HP V8 Special Edition M 
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