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More than a year ago

Hi I hope someone can help I'm trying to find the code for my peugeot boxer radio My serial number is :- BP-*-*-*-*-*-*My vin is :- VF3ZCRMNCxxxxxxxx Many thanks in a...
Hi, I lost the code for my Blaupunkt Peugeot T1 low car radio, can you help me ? here are the serials : BP8140X9037132 / 7 **** TEL *** thanks a lot !
I have a 2000 Peugeot 206 LX Hdi. It has a clamp type battery terminal and I can't find a way to connect the power cable for my amp.Any suggestions?
Hi, could you help me please find the code for my radio Radio is from Peugeot, model PU-2325A(B)Seriál nr. CL0410Y0096779 Thank you for informations
Please Help me with radio codePeugeot Bipper S/N 815BP73018*-*-*-* Blaupunct BP NR 7647301316ident.NR 7354780840
hi can anyone please help me?i need an unlock code for peugeot 206 N2blaupunkt serial number hi, BP81461*-*-*-*thank you very much. any help will be much appreceated. th...
I would like to know if the Blaupunkt car radio model Peugeot T1 Nlv2 need a code to work. This radio has no display so I don't know if it is waiting for something. It switc...
Hi, could anyone help me get the radio code for my Peugeot Boxer radio. Serial number - BP331857231106 BP- NR 7643318316 Thanks Sheri
blaupunkt peugeot t1low 9625133080 BLAUPUNKT -WERKE GMBH made in portugal BP8140x9051829 eugeot T1 LOW 7648140392
Can you please help,i need code for peugeot vdoVDO RB3-00VDAPPF2015833696 454 436 7700VDP0158336 MODEL NO:22RC260/65SPROD NO: FD0302220158336
Hello, I bought a new peugeot radio,and I was wondering if there is a possibility to do vin beep disable via dump of the car radio? With kind regards, Sima
Peugeot 307 Automatic 2004 54 plate Nice clean car very low millage 5900012 Months MOT part service history £1900
hi to all, i need help to decode this dump, radio peugeot by pioneer mod deh-1907zc eprom 24c64 thanks to any help.
I have a peugeot 406 hdi sirius 81 with acceleration problem. does any one have an idea on this fault code P1288 (fuel pressure regulation fault. output)
Hi friends,I replaced my battery and I locked tape. Model is Blaupunkt Peugeot 206 BP8140X*-*-*-*7648140392 Does anyone can help.Thanks in advance.
Hi there, please help! I urgently need the radio code Peugeot 206 radio RB1. The vehicle VIN VF32AKFWF41313217 Thank you very very much greeting Axel
China-made Peugeot 508 caught:
Quote: Check out the official trailer for the Peugeot Vision GT concept car, available in Gran Turismo 6. With its exceptionnal technical caracteristics, Peu...
I need the radio code for a philps radio tape in my peugeot 106 Model : 22RC200/65 TOD158 Prod NO : FD0800369216949 Serial : PHAPKFY9216949 Ref peugeot : 96 392 1...
Please, I need the code for the SIEMENS/VDO for Peugeot radio: MODEL NO: 22RC280/65 T0X000 PROD NO: FD0301280038313 VDACJF10038313 REF PEUGEOT: 96 365 975 7700 VDJ003831...
Hi, Can anyone please help with retrieving radio code for my Peugeot Phillips stereo? Model No. 22RC200/65S Prod No. FD0200430097942 TOT593 02918 PHAPMFY0097942 Ref. P...
I need the code for Blaupunkt peugeot t1 niv 2 Blaupunkt peugeot 206 N2 96 422 268 80 BP8146Y8585721 7 **** TEL *** Please i need it as soon as possible Rd
Hi. i Just bought Peugeot 406 and i have no code for my car radio. So please can someone looks up for it. I think i have all information needed here: Make: PEUGEOT Manufact...

More than a month ago

Hi to all! Several days ago I bought a Peugeot 306 convertible, 20 years old and got also the old radio Blaupunkt Peugeot PF3 but no code. Could someone help me out with thi...
Hello, can anyone help me? I do not have the code of my car radio for my peugeot 206, Model No: 22RC200/65S PHILIPS TOU597 029018 Prod No: FD0300490125596 MADE IN FRAN...
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