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More than a year ago

Found some Lexus only parking so had to represent A parking attendant said "that's not a Lexus" I replied "it eats Lexus' so I'm just waiting for some to show up I'm on empty "
Big Shoes to Fill, the Next-Generation Lexus IS .
Here it is.
Hi guys. Has anyone ever thought of removing the toyota emblems and replacing them with lexus emblems! since the venza is a baby lexus rx.
Any diesel heads here just had my is 220d Lexus remapped and egr dpf removed now idles. At 100 rpm ???
Hello all I was wonder what would be a good price for a Lexus is 300 2002? With 250k miles and runs good please help
is the suspension on the Lexus LX570 similar to the one on the Lexus LX 470?Where is the hydraulic tank located in the Lexus 570?  
If you owned a different car before your Lexus, what was it? Did you have to get rid of something to get your current ride?
Hey all can you please let me know that would you buy a Lexus hybrid over other brands? Why? I am waiting for your ideas,.
My cousin just told me he got a new Lexus... Then he said it was a hybrid. He got a CT200h F Sport. All I know is that it's a Lexus hatchback, is it just a Prius with Lexus Badges?
Not a good picture by any means, but the emblem on the tailgate said Lexus CT 570, and had a Lexus emblem on the grille too. My question is when did Lexus start making pickups, ...
Lexus 2012 rx or is ? which one is more durable?› See More: Lexus 2014
Lexus LF-NX Concept Lexus LF-NX Concept
SEMA - Lexus Models Previewing SEMA - Lexus Models Previewing
All of these brochures and many more can be found on my project site:Toyota Reference - Information and Specs for all USA Toyota, Lexus and Scion Cars 2010 Lexus IS C Br...
This is why you don't take you car to dealer to get detailed: Too funny.
Megafactories - Lexus LFA Megafactories visits the Lexus factory to check out how the Lexus LFA is made.
So im starting this thread to gain some extra knowledge about swapping a lexus gs300 diff onto my 2wd yota.
Quote: Explore the revolutionary seat concept that redefines the principles of comfort. The Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept.
Gotta Lexus sc430 help having a blonde moment anyone how much a cambelt costs and is it belt or chain help.
Quote: Lexus Stages World Debut of the 2010 HS 250h - the World's First Dedicated Luxury Hybrid .
Why does the Lexus RX450h 4WD version has a towing capacity of 3.500 pounds while the 2WD version has none?
Stupid but Balls of steel Lexus IS-F drift in traffic - YouTube
Does anyone know xgauge code for 2010 Lexus gs450h?For example - HV battery Current?Can't find it anywhere ?..
Here is the first photo of the new Lexus ES; the rest should be unveiled very soon. Looks quite good if you ask me.
Toyota cars are well known for good fuel efficiency.Lexus being the luxurious Toyota cars are poor in FC, why is that so?
Picasa Web Albums - bcstewart - 2010 Lexus GX460
Lexus NX TRD accessories 7 pictures in the gallery
I have been searching the Lexus forums and have come across countless Lexus AWD ISx50 owners who experience vibrations in their cars when lowering them, no matter what they lowe...
same as the v6 2001-2007 ? is it the rx 300? Iam confused the club lexus forum has a lot of DIY questions - odd seems the lexus owners would be paying someone to fix the...
I am looking for a key fob for a Lexus GS400. I have the internal parts and the metal key. I just need the plastic housing that goes around the guts of the key. Does an...
6 photos and information in the gallery Lexus LFA GTE
Can anyone recommend someone in Dublin for servicing Lexus cars. I have an 01 IS200 and don't want to pay main dealer prices to look after it. At the same time I would like to g...

More than a month ago

This thing needs a new starter motor... but not from the agents Any useful ideas?Asking for a colleague...

More than a year ago

Hey we are looking at picking up a new IS250. Any dealer that you have had good or bad experience with?
Saw a Lexus hearse today. The hearse originally started as a GS300. Never thought of a Lexus as a hearse
Has anyone owned or driven an isf. Always liked those cars and was curious for opinions and feedback from Z owners
As per heading....1: What is the opinion on these? 2: Known faults to look out for? 3: Alternatives to look at?
Sitting pretty at the showroom at JM Lexus. Red looks great! VFS1 Silver Brushed
Lexus GS F Spy Photo undisguised Lexus GS F Spy Photo undisguised
2014 Lexus GX 460 - Official 5 pictures 2014 Lexus GX 460 - Official
Lexus RC F Photo Leak Lexus RC F Photo Leak
Hi all, A good friend of mine is selling his Lexus IS 220D. Link below to his ebay classified ad.
in my opinion, this is the ugliest lexus in recent years. it looks like a 2003 JDM accord from the back.
Lexus GS350 Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust System 2013 Lexus GS350 Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust System, Wireless Valvetronic System.
2015 Lexus GS F Pictures Leaked 2015 Lexus GS F Pictures Leaked
500HP Hennessey Lexus LX 570 Supercharged 500HP Hennessey Lexus LX 570 Supercharged
Lexus RC-F will have 460 bhp V8 Lexus RC-F will have 460 bhp V8
Lexus RC 350 F SPORT - Official Lexus RC 350 F SPORT - Official 540HP Lexus RC F GT3 540HP Lexus RC F GT3
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