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More than a year ago

i have stocked wheel's on my honda at the moment . they are 14's . and im going up to 15's but i dont quite understand the tire size's , can some one please help me out? ...
Hello i found a discarded HONDA radio Model # 39100-sv4-a000 serial # 93B55813 . Need codes for this -- I want to put it in my 1996 Toyo Camry email me
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has the new shape Honda Civic diesel and what your opinion is on the car. Any issues to report? Cheers Audioslaven
What can i do with this honda civic 1.6 to improve performance? Can't really think of anything but put a little turbo on it
Please I need code for radio Honda Pioneer DEH-M6217ZH CJPE000978EW 39101-S5S-B310-M1 Best regards
Is it possible to make this steering wheel work with our cars? If yes, what has to be done?thanks!btw, this wheel is from 2008 European Honda Civic Type-r
I have a 95 Honda accord. i have a new alternator and new battery but my car won't stay on. All my fuses are working and are fine yet my car won't keep its charge. How do I fix it.
Hey im new to the site, also have a 2001 honda s2k silver . How can i get a 2step for it? I know msd's dont work .
Did I get the wrong Honda Bump Stops? 90 Miata New Senson shocks and stock springs. Should I cut them? they are 75mm long.
How come if you want a White Honda Accord your only option is tan leather? If you want black leather only certain exterior colors available. What is the reasoning behind this? I...
Could someone help me find the code for this radio? honda crv panasonic 39100-TOA-K013-M1 CQ-JH71E6UT EEP 24C08 thank
Hi, I need help. Can you find the code for my autoradio ? Honda 2sf0 (Alpine) S/N: e00214523 P/N : 39101-S2A-G010-M1 REF : CM839RA Thanks
could you please help me to get the radio code for my Honda accord 2007 U:2202 L:3847 VIN : 1HGCM66857A016735
Is it possible to swap the steering in my 1998 Honda accord from the left side to the right side if so how?
hi to all, please i need help to decode a radio honda crv 39100-swa-c004 24c64 by dump, in attached very thanks
I Have an 89 Honda accord... I've replaced the thermostat, sensor n the radiator. . It still continues to overheats. The radiator doesn't get hot enough to turn the fans on. ...
Can someone suggest a video or a link for instructions on how to replace a starter motor on a 2002 Honda Accord? Paul Parker, CO
What would the highest recommended CC injecters be to put in my 1.8 08 honda civic ex be and how much would it change the gas mileage?
Toyota has the Tacoma and Tundra, Nissan has the Frontier and Titan. Why doesn't Honda get into the mix ?
Hey guys, I'm leasing Honda Accord V6 2015 and I want to do some tune-ups to it and because I'm leasing, everything that I will do has to be reversible. So the question is, What...
Has anyone swapped the radio in a Honda Odyssey 2011+ and got the top iMid screen to work again? (Like with the hdcc-02)
Has anyone swapped the radio on a Honda Odyssey 2011+ and got the top iMid screen working again? (like with the hdcc-02)
Honda CRX Owners in the Edmonton, AB Canada Area I would love to know who else has a CRX OBESSION... Get a Hold of me and lets Compare Notes:!
Hello everybody. I have a 2006 Honda Civic and I cannot get the maintenance minder to reset after several attempts. I have done it several times before and it worked, but not ...
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