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More than a year ago

Maybe a little competition on the horizon. With less than 100 hp, just wonder how much fun it would really be.
where is a good site/store to find interior/weather stripping parts to restore a 1990 civic hatchback?
If you own a honda with an automatic transmission, then you'll know that it's vital that you change your transmission fluid when it needs to be changed. This can prolong the li...
Honda 651TW need Help Dump write Help TL866CS Honda 651TW help need dump Honda 651TW help need dump
Not sure if it is mentioned in another thread, it seems 17" wheels and 205/45R17 performance tires are now available from Honda, see Honda automobile web site .
Just noticed the 2015 CR-Z is showing up on the US Honda website. Haven't checked out what (if anything) is new.
Thought I share this found this on Honda tech thought it was pretty cool to share....
Because it is bestowed with everything man desires in his car so it comes at a price. You doubly if you happen to drive a rich car like Honda city, you automatically show a st...
JDM-spec Honda Odyssey - Official JDM-spec Honda Odyssey - Official
Hi guys ! I am new to Honda cars so i wanted to ask you about this honda civic what can you tell me because i tried to find something on the internet but was unlucky. The ...
Hey guys,I have a question.There is a set of coilovers to suit a Honda fit that the seller has specified will fit crz as well... But you know, I'm skeptical.The set is...
We have a honda fest going this saturday close from montreal. We have 6 Crz that I know going for now. Im pretty sure we will see more there!!! We need more of CRZ coming!!! ...
Just saw a Honda commercial and the test driver in the commercial says 'hey this drives better than a Sonata'... I was pretty surprised to hear that in a Honda commercial I...
I am not insulting Honda , i am driving onebut take a look at this : balljoint failure?
Ran across this today, for all the Honda haters out there, you can now accurately say that Honda minivans 'suck'
1987 Honda CRX with only 31K Miles 1987 Honda CRX with only 31K Miles
Honda FC Sport - Fuel Cell Concept - the Official Honda Web Site Found this today, I like the futuristic styling and the whole idea, but I think it would take some getting...
Honda Fit to spawn a Crossover in Honda's new Mexico Factory
The Japanese interest in developing engine formulas for racing is continuously growing. Honda is looking for F1 2013 Caubet. World cars news. Honda auto news
The launch of the 2006 Legend prompts a few key questions. One of the most pertinent of these is: why is a large-market manufacturer like Honda tackling the competitive prestige...
Code:OBD:VTEC:Found In:P051no1992-1995 Honda Civic CXP061no1992-1995 Honda Civic DX P071yes1992-1995 Honda Civic VXP081yes1992-1995 Honda Civic D15B (JDM)P0A1yes1994-1995 Honda ...
Folks, I am trying to make a separate set for winter and summer tires. Have my eyes on some OEM Honda Civic Si 18" rims for my 2008 Accord . Will 18" oem honda civic Si rim...
Derping around as usual when I came across this. Honda Media Newsroom - CR-Z - 2012 Honda CR-Z Performance Rod This is the first time Ive seen A honda image with ...
I bought a 2005 honda accord in Dec.I noticed the horn sounds like a a buick horn or something so Non-Honda ish. Do you know if Honda changed their horn - from that distinct...
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