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More than a year ago

Would anybody be able to help with a code for a Honda civic radio?It is a pioneer DEH-M6106zh the Honda label says 39100-S6A-E512-M1 SERIAL NUMBER IS UI000249. THANKS
There is a 92 Honda Civic Sedan, but it has a Acura Integra GSR DOHC V-Tec engine. Does anyone know the exact Acura engine that could be in this Honda? (Liters, Year, etc. ev...
I saw this on my FB and thought I'd share it with you guys. Honda Cars - Name Your Car Day
How much does that cost update Honda GPS system with new road maps? I take it that Honda does not provide the updates for free. Am I correct on that assumption? ...
Can the Honda dealer determine if my Honda Accord Sport 2016 has the latest software update? I am having problems with Pandora connecting to the car. It is an off and on problem.
Hello! I have a 2007 Honda Legend (KB1). Does anyone know does the shock absorbers from Acura RL fit Honda Legend? Thanks!
What should I use for my Mugen front bumper should I just get 2 rear H red Honda badges or what are you supposed to use on a Mugen front bumper for your Honda badge
43 pictures 2014 Honda Accord Official
I was told to move this here My first non Honda
There's nothing like arguing with a Honda lover about how much better a Miata will always handle better than a Honda. Except when it comes to an S2000 and then it's just whoever...
2011 Honda Odyssey .
2010 Honda Crosstour Motorweek review.
chanced upon this in one motoring website by chance, saw that honda is making loss by selling honda jazz.... take a look below. This post has been edited by Aj2009: Toda...
The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda. Third generation debuted at the 2006 Paris Auto Show.
Hi guys.. Could someone kindly tell me what the part # I need for the missing bolt which goes into the frame shown in picture. Thanks!
Honda Prospect Motor Ltd, a sole distributor for Honda automobiles in Indonesia has just release All New Honda Jazz new generation in Indonesia....
I found these today at a local used book store...I did not pick them up, but I am debating about if it would be worth it for someone else. ');
2000 Honda S2000 @ R88k. 126k km on the clock, yellow. Being a Honda, I guess not much goes wrong with them?
Can anyone tell me how i go about lowering my 84 wagovan it has tortion bars....thanks ');
I wanna see some. Seen learning of the ELD that they have, I'm thinking there is probably a cap on you total power.
2013 Honda N-One Quote: Just the Facts:- The 2013 Honda N-One is the latest model in Honda's N Series of mini vehicles.- The Honda N-One went on sale...
Who was the Honda-Tech member selling the bumper stiffeners? I need to buy some and Honda does not make them anymore. ');
Came across these pics from one of my Facebook friends. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it. Sorry if this has already been posted.
I heard these will fit the legend, Will it work? How does the ride feel and has anyone every tried it?
someone in a Honda revs at you? Whether it be a kid or an older nicely modded Honda. While driving your mk1, do you rev? Do you wave? Do you simply not care?
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