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More than a month ago

how can i put multimedia system to honda frv 2009 with a screen or of you cant help me if someone can tell me how can i connect with honda developers  ...
I have failed. Missus has decided she wants a Honda .Least I can do is try keep the sale in the "family". I can't recall whom, but I believe we have a Honda connection somew...

More than a year ago

Write up posts for any honda meets here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Strictly Honda. ');
63 photos and details in the gallery Honda Crider
Hi im just wanting to know if there are any honda car clubs in the Tn area and if not are there any honda owners that like to hang out?
Can anyone enlighten me wats the difference between honda fit and honda jazz? nothing important, jus to ease my curiosity...
Anyone heard about it / had any experience with it / own it? I had a Honda Metropolitan that was really fun for tooling around my neighborhood. But the Grom seems even cooler
I build this honda to see how easy it wasMk4 side marker:pTrying some new wheels
See if that Genuine Honda or aftermarket accessory you have your eye on is really worth the extra money before you buy it. ');
i have a 2000 integra and was wondering if anyone knows where i could get front and rear "H" badge and "honda" for the trunk. ');
Seriously. I like Honda and would drive anything they make, but keep THAT up and you will start getting the hate from me that Hyundai/KIA get.
My 2004 honda accord will not start, there is no power to the spark plugs or to the coils. does anyone have any ideas?
What would it take to get a honda engine in a mini cooper and get it wired correctly? Would it even be worth the effort?
Quote: Buildbase Honda unveils the 2014 Honda CRF450 at Weston Beach motocross, ridden by former British MX champion Dave Thorpe. Three other riders race the...
Honda Vezel by Mugen Honda Vezel by Mugen
1029HP Bisimoto Honda Odyssey 1029HP Bisimoto Honda Odyssey
2009 Honda Element SC - the Official Honda Web Site Comes with a K20? Nice.
Just found this article, there may be a new Honda S2000 in the works, but it won't be anything like the previous S2000. Honda S2000 to be reborn
So I was just poking around on the Honda website and came across an interesting web page that explains how Honda's various technologies work (in laymens terms). So I thought I w...
Honda Documentary: Hybrid Battle Honda DNA Heir's Challenge CR-Z A documentary program about the development of CR-Z

12 days ago

Hi can you help about HONDA PH-2349C code I can not send file eeprom Serial number is 0185084

More than a year ago

Recommend one, preferably close to Midrand or RandburgHonda stealers taking the piss for a simple service
Hi guys. Could you please share your opinion about the best Bluetooth hands free kit for Honda Accord 2007. Thanks!
Just wondering if anyone knows if Honda lips or spoilers can go on a ZZE122 corolla Hatchback thnks!
I would like to paint my front rear Honda emblem black just wondering how difficult it is to remove them?
I have a 2007 honda Fit,the engine has a misfire ..I had all plugs and wires changed. Dealer doesn't know what the problem is. Anyone have any Ideas?? ');
Hey everyone, This is my first honda as I have transplanted from the BMW world. Heres my new toy. 2009 FA5 with too many things to list. I can say its a fun car to drive....
I'm debating on whether to put this Honda banner across my windshield?! What do you think? Criticism and comments are appreciated
I have a 95 honda accord v6 and the valves are rattling. They do not require adjusting, but what can i do to fix it!
Hello Guys ,,, do you have any template for HONDA CR-Z T-shirts ? i need to have a unique one please
hi bro honda PN 39541 S9A G510M1 REF NO BB714PH SERIAL, EJB22000621 need code please BR

More than a month ago

please have a navigation for Honda GBB22024437 P / N; 39541-S9A-G510-M1REF.NO. BB717PH I need a code or some help

More than a year ago

Been in the area for a while and see many Honda's rollin around. Are there any meets or specific spots people meet up?
Hi everyone, I need a code for this dump from a Honda 1YA3 by Panasonic (CQ-JH1770AJ) Eeprom is a 2LC64. Thanks in advance
Hi, can help me with this code please, car radio: HONDA 39540-TR8-M01-NH167L BY MITSUBISHI EEPROM 24C128 THANK
Honda Civic rear bad is it really in every day motoring due to that rear spoiler? Would it put you off buying?
Details tomorrow @ 9:30 Pics: First Honda with two sunroofs? ...
Hay i put a new double din i my honda and i cant see the Climate Control any more...i eard that there is Special Coordinator.. Can anyone help with this??
Parents have decided to pick up a new Honda Fit LX. Anyone have a good contact for a good deal?Thanks!!
Does anyone know of a TRUSTED Honda Tech/shop in the Charlotte NC area? Someone outside of the dealer that has a good track record.
Thinking about buying a 1988 Honda Acty, can anyone direct me to where I can get more information about this car? Thanks.
Hi everyone, I need a code for this 1YA4 Honda dump. Radio made by Panasonic and eeprom is a 24C64. Thanks in advance.
Trying to help a friend decide on the best Honda he can pick up for desert driving. Could use the input! Thanks,
Anybody on this Honda Insight as wish to switch over from Civic just for the FC?Any good or bad feedback as supposed the battery is 10years!!!
does any one know a place that sell or some one that can make me a HONDA S2000 tube frame for touring
ok hope this the the right tread i have never heard that anyone has done an engine swap on a honda city GA1 so tell me if its possible
Saw this while I was driving... thought you all would like it since I'm an old Honda guy I could see someone might like this...
Hey, I do not know how to remove the front right headlight on my 1991 Honda Accord. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
Looking at used Honda Stream (2008 - 2009 models). Anyone with ownership experience to advise what to look out for? Thanks in advance.
Would anybody be able to help with a code for a Honda civic radio?It is a pioneer DEH-M6106zh the Honda label says 39100-S6A-E512-M1 SERIAL NUMBER IS UI000249. THANKS
There is a 92 Honda Civic Sedan, but it has a Acura Integra GSR DOHC V-Tec engine. Does anyone know the exact Acura engine that could be in this Honda? (Liters, Year, etc. ev...
I saw this on my FB and thought I'd share it with you guys. Honda Cars - Name Your Car Day
How much does that cost update Honda GPS system with new road maps? I take it that Honda does not provide the updates for free. Am I correct on that assumption? ...
Can the Honda dealer determine if my Honda Accord Sport 2016 has the latest software update? I am having problems with Pandora connecting to the car. It is an off and on problem.
Hello! I have a 2007 Honda Legend (KB1). Does anyone know does the shock absorbers from Acura RL fit Honda Legend? Thanks!
What should I use for my Mugen front bumper should I just get 2 rear H red Honda badges or what are you supposed to use on a Mugen front bumper for your Honda badge
43 pictures 2014 Honda Accord Official
I was told to move this here My first non Honda
There's nothing like arguing with a Honda lover about how much better a Miata will always handle better than a Honda. Except when it comes to an S2000 and then it's just whoever...
2011 Honda Odyssey .
2010 Honda Crosstour Motorweek review.
chanced upon this in one motoring website by chance, saw that honda is making loss by selling honda jazz.... take a look below. This post has been edited by Aj2009: Toda...
The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda. Third generation debuted at the 2006 Paris Auto Show.
Hi guys.. Could someone kindly tell me what the part # I need for the missing bolt which goes into the frame shown in picture. Thanks!
Honda Prospect Motor Ltd, a sole distributor for Honda automobiles in Indonesia has just release All New Honda Jazz new generation in Indonesia....
I found these today at a local used book store...I did not pick them up, but I am debating about if it would be worth it for someone else. ');
2000 Honda S2000 @ R88k. 126k km on the clock, yellow. Being a Honda, I guess not much goes wrong with them?
Can anyone tell me how i go about lowering my 84 wagovan it has tortion bars....thanks ');
I wanna see some. Seen learning of the ELD that they have, I'm thinking there is probably a cap on you total power.
2013 Honda N-One Quote: Just the Facts:- The 2013 Honda N-One is the latest model in Honda's N Series of mini vehicles.- The Honda N-One went on sale...
Who was the Honda-Tech member selling the bumper stiffeners? I need to buy some and Honda does not make them anymore. ');
Came across these pics from one of my Facebook friends. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it. Sorry if this has already been posted.
I heard these will fit the legend, Will it work? How does the ride feel and has anyone every tried it?
someone in a Honda revs at you? Whether it be a kid or an older nicely modded Honda. While driving your mk1, do you rev? Do you wave? Do you simply not care?
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