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More than a year ago

Does anybody know where I can purchase filler covers for the opening between the rad support and the grill for my 69 GMC? Thanks
Here's a pic of my new little 63 GMC project truck. Plan is to keep it simple (stupid). About the polar opposite of how I usually do a build.
I have 2004 gmc Envoy XL and the air bag light is on. Can any one tell me how to switch of the light off? Or i have to take to the a dealer which will cost more for me to di...
I'm looking to buy a dash pad for GMC or Chevy truck, for all model between 1981-1987. Thanks...
Well, the body is done but it is a 4x4! Got more looks than I ever have towing this thing home. Now trying to decide what to do with it. There's a real nice 69' GMC 2wd in my ne...
Ok rookie mechanic here I am lifting the engine on a gmc truck to remove the oil pan. Where are the bolts to remove the engine and how many do I have to remove to lift the en...
I just realized we don't have a Gmc Grill thread. Let's see what you got. Custom or Stock. Here's mine:
I have a 1979 GMC 1 ton dump truck. The underside of cab is very rusty around the mounts. My question is what year's of truck would fit on mine if I was to just replace the cab
I have a 1966 C-10 with a 3 speed , It does not have syncros in 1St gear. I have a 1967 or 68 3 speed from a GMC do they have 1St gear Syncros?
I just bought my first project truck a 1957 gmc 270 v6, and I've found out it is pretty difficult to find parts for this year truck. Any ideas or recommendations thanks
These are some extra parts that came with my 54 GMC. Why would someone cut the radiator hold down like this and is it Chevy or GMC? What about the frame pic. Is it a GMC...
66 gmc rear leaf spring lowering. Best way to do this? Looking for around 4-5" drop. Would now be the time to try to find Chevy truck arms and coils? Looking for lower, and b...
Anyone know who makes a 65 gmc dimmer switch? The three tab arrangement has the top one sideways and the bottom two up and down, all the replacements Ive seen so far have all th...
Is there a difference between a 68 GMC cowl and a 70 Chevy cowl? LMC catalog shows them as the same part number. Only difference I can see is the vent slots. Paul
Looking for a set of NOS GMC jimmy Emblems, maybe someone has a new set laying around.. Let me know if you do.
I've got a few of these trucks I've built so my best friend has also fell for these classics so I'm building him a 67 GMC he's also involved and having a blast so here is his fi...
Help finding a functioning gas gauge for my 64 GMC, does anyone know where to find one? thanks jeff
I'm looking for 87 GMC crew cab long bed dually parts I'm trying to find brush guard i look ever where one and I'm try find running board fit my truck
Okay. Im new here but I was at the junkyard today and saw an unmolested gmc dash. Thought about putting it in a chevy cab. Should be a pretty straight forward bolt in process ri...
Has anyone successfully completed a full install on a 2000 GMC Jimmy with the Bose System? I plan on installing a new HU, all 6 speakers, and bypass the Bose Amp. Any suggestion...
Searching for someone or a vender that has something that REALLY replaces the original Turn Signal Switch on a 63 GMC !!!
Can anyone help me out im trying to convert a gmc headlight harness to a chevy I think it's all the same except high beam and low beam which are separate plugs does anyone know ...
Trying to determine if these would be correct on my 67 gmc. They are aluminum, not steel. Any help or info is appreciated. I didn't pull the cap off yet, but can i assume these ...
Not sure if its thread worthy, was watching Ncis Nola and looked up to see a light blue gmc. Its cool to see our trucks in mainstream tv lol especially when its unexpected like ...
Just bought a basket case of parts. I was tol it is GMC. What year and model is it for?
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