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More than a year ago

Quick question - roughly how much would one expect to pay for 4 injectors for a 2003 Ford Mondeo TDCI? New or reconditioned. Whichever is cheaper/safer. Thanks.
how do i check the front end of my ford ranger?....i want to check the upper and lower ball joints and the inner and outer tie-rod ends.....thanks
Hi!I need schematic of connecting Ford reset tool for this radio 2500 from fiesta.Or any other solution.Thanks!
please i need code for ford 6000cd visteon model single cd - kw2000 serial no :*V289282 Thank You
Hello. Need code for Ford 6000CD Part Nr: 8C1T-18C815-AC Serial Nr: V010694 Model Nr: SINGLE CD - GGDS Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance.
Hola, necesito Unlock code para Ford Focus modelo 6000 de radio CD de serie M11233 Parte No 97AP-18C815-KA por favor me ayude
Hi there i have recently bought a ford ka changed battery and radio is needing a code could anyone help me what would i need info wise for this code cheers chris
Has anyone used the chassis of the 1998 Ford Explorer with the V8? has 4 wheel disc brakes and a bunch of other goods.
Hello please code audio system ford cmax Part no :4M5T - 18B988 - AH Serial no: V014784 Model: C307/ C214 - nav.module Thanxxx
I'm looking for the code for my ford 6000CD radio. The serial number is V178718. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I have a ford galaxy that has a locked radio. Can you help get the code for me. Serial number is M011712
Is it plug and play if I use a stand alone unit from the E-rod package into a stock GM cluster from a Vette or Camaro, if it matters it's going in my Ford?
Although I keep hearing from 'experts' that Ford has long figured out the programming for the Automatic; I still read reviews of folks still having problems... Is this a tr...
Hey has anyone ever put a 9" Ford under a 1980-85 Cadillac Fleetwood or Deville??? If so, are there are there any pictures??? If Not, Why not???
This is brilliant - Ford trolling Ferrari over the stupidest car name in recent memory, at the Geneva Motor Show: I love it!
Hi just change clutch slave cylinder in ford connect 1.8 2007 but can get no pressure in the clutch pedal anyone have any idea what wrong .think I might need a clutch pressure ...
hi! please,can any one give me the code of my car radio cd 6000 car: ford fusion year 2010 car radio serial number:v036330 thanks for all!
I need radio code ford mp3 Bs69-18c939-ab Serial no 433135640965 Model no 14790965 conteur eprom 24c02
Hi can anyone help with a code for ford 6000 cd player serial no mo27415 part no ys4f-18c815-ae thankyou in advance
I picked up a Ford 9" axle housing and was informed that it's a 60" housing. Completely unsure as to what length shafts to look for...
I need to replace the oxygen sensor on my 2002 Ford Windstar LX. The mechanic is charging 50 to 100 dollars. Can I do it myself? And if so Where is it located? Thank you.
Are the resto - moders using a solid rear axle when adapting a Ford Nine inch or is it merely a center section. When your talking five to seven hundred horse power I wonder how...
My wife and I are picking up her new Explorer this week, and I'd like to buy a Ford ESP. Anyone know of a dealer that offers great deals?
Hi Radio FORD AHU WITH USB serial Z114204 part no AA6T-18C815-DG Where is a code? Eeprom? MCU? Thank You!
Good morning, I need to find the code of this Ford car radio, only that I am not able to find the memory module on 24c32 FIS. Would you be able to help me track the memory t...
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