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More than a year ago

Hola, necesito Unlock code para Ford Focus modelo 6000 de radio CD de serie M11233 Parte No 97AP-18C815-KA por favor me ayude
Quick question - roughly how much would one expect to pay for 4 injectors for a 2003 Ford Mondeo TDCI? New or reconditioned. Whichever is cheaper/safer. Thanks.
how do i check the front end of my ford ranger?....i want to check the upper and lower ball joints and the inner and outer tie-rod ends.....thanks
Hi!I need schematic of connecting Ford reset tool for this radio 2500 from fiesta.Or any other solution.Thanks!
please i need code for ford 6000cd visteon model single cd - kw2000 serial no :*V289282 Thank You
Hello. Need code for Ford 6000CD Part Nr: 8C1T-18C815-AC Serial Nr: V010694 Model Nr: SINGLE CD - GGDS Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance.
Hi there i have recently bought a ford ka changed battery and radio is needing a code could anyone help me what would i need info wise for this code cheers chris
Has anyone used the chassis of the 1998 Ford Explorer with the V8? has 4 wheel disc brakes and a bunch of other goods.
Hello please code audio system ford cmax Part no :4M5T - 18B988 - AH Serial no: V014784 Model: C307/ C214 - nav.module Thanxxx
I'm looking for the code for my ford 6000CD radio. The serial number is V178718. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Although I keep hearing from 'experts' that Ford has long figured out the programming for the Automatic; I still read reviews of folks still having problems... Is this a tr...
Hey has anyone ever put a 9" Ford under a 1980-85 Cadillac Fleetwood or Deville??? If so, are there are there any pictures??? If Not, Why not???
This is brilliant - Ford trolling Ferrari over the stupidest car name in recent memory, at the Geneva Motor Show: I love it!
Hi just change clutch slave cylinder in ford connect 1.8 2007 but can get no pressure in the clutch pedal anyone have any idea what wrong .think I might need a clutch pressure ...
hi! please,can any one give me the code of my car radio cd 6000 car: ford fusion year 2010 car radio serial number:v036330 thanks for all!
I need radio code ford mp3 Bs69-18c939-ab Serial no 433135640965 Model no 14790965 conteur eprom 24c02
Hi can anyone help with a code for ford 6000 cd player serial no mo27415 part no ys4f-18c815-ae thankyou in advance
I picked up a Ford 9" axle housing and was informed that it's a 60" housing. Completely unsure as to what length shafts to look for...
I need to replace the oxygen sensor on my 2002 Ford Windstar LX. The mechanic is charging 50 to 100 dollars. Can I do it myself? And if so Where is it located? Thank you.
Are the resto - moders using a solid rear axle when adapting a Ford Nine inch or is it merely a center section. When your talking five to seven hundred horse power I wonder how...
Anyone know roughly the fuel consumption for a Ford Fiesta 1.25 litre Zetec petrol, year 2000.? Thanks in advance!  
How does the ford truck center section break? and where? also does it also break the ring and pinion? does it lock up? thanks
Hey, Please can you help, Ford LS RNS 815 C7E3F0547A3246799 7 **** TEL *** 9M5T 18K931 DA Made in Portugal Thanks, Tel.
Hello, I wonder if you could help me with the code for this unit. - Model: Ford MD4500 (cassette) - Serial: 3AA948399 / 96FU-18K876-BB Many thanks in advance! Maxi.
hello i need proper wiring diagram for this unit in order to check his status it looks like ford 2028, 2 connectors, but is not similar any help is highly apreciated ...
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