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More than a month ago

Have a extra new pair never mounted Ferrari Fender Shield Badges. $75 shipped. Hood emblem sold.
Great movie about Ford and Ferrari and their battles at Le Mans.Some incredible footage of some beautiful cars .

More than a year ago

Fascinating. Promotion of this car was so unnecessary - they could have sold a million on looks alone. Jalopnik video link
According to youtube Petrolicious published this video on the Ferrari 250 GTO this morning: That engine sounds glorious!
10 pictures and article ');
Then this jacka$$ parks all over the line against the Ferrari for no reason whatsoever. Seriously, what is wrong with people? Sorry for the poor quality pics: ...
Of course we all have sympathy for Massa. Isn't it absolutely wonderful though to see Schumacher back for Ferrari from the European F1 in August. Button against Hamilton against...
Hey all.. I just recently visited a blog..there is an ad that compares the New 2014 Chevy spark with the Ferrari 458. so i need some information about that , how far is that...
My friend is torn between buying a 1985 mint ferrari testerosa or a 2006 28,000 mile zo6. If you had to pick ,what would it be and why? Thanks ');
When you sit behind the wheel of an "ugly" Ferrari, you no longer see the ugliness....only the beauty of incredible leathers and the knowledge that the sweet engine could make y...
I'm looking for a paint with a color which meet the interior color from Ferrari. For example, the F12 (picture below) Anybody knows where can I find that? Will be b...
2012 Ferrari 458 Spider2012 Ferrari FF2010 Porsche Cayenne Turbo2010 Ferrari California2012 BMW X1 28i2012 Cadillac CTS-V (stateside ride)
Ferrari websites (super cool)
Just curious, anyone know how much the Ferrari F355 sold for at auction? Wilsons, last mon or tues. It was a lovely looking car, from the photos anyway...
Go through all the slide motion picture like images: here
... 63322.html
I'm surprised they'll let this non-Ferrari owner attend! Alain de Cadenet will be speaking; really looking forward to that.
I buying a Ferrari California USED unauthorised link removed by moderator This car was advertised as the only Red and Tan available in the US. Does anyone know if this is t...
Has anyone taken apart a Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F458 GT2? Any problems? I'm hoping I am not the first one to do this. Too expensive to have any mistakes!
Ferrari Enzo Styled Key Uncut Blank | eBay
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any cad files for a Ferrari F40. I am trying to decide on another build and the f40 has always been a candidate for me. Thanks!
Hi guys if you want to see my new Ferrari F70 concept head over to my gallery at there is also a C7 corvette concept if your interested ...
Illustrations from a swedish magazine.. Should be around in 2012..and they say that ferrari CEO has confirmed sucessors for the 612 599 and ENZO in the pipeline..
The more I look at the Jalopnik pics (the side view especially) the more it looks like a Ferrari 599 knockoff from the side. I know it is not really news but the real question -...
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