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More than a year ago

Im new to the forum and this is my first corvette. heres a few pics of the mods I made after the previous owner ');
I have been told that a year's membership comes with the purchase of a new Corvette. Is this true? ');
Does anyone know how many hours it takes for a Corvette to be built from Trim to completion. ');
I just got an 85 corvette. This is my first one. I am looking forward to working on it and driving.
Is this my option tag on my 82 corvette? I'm looking to see what options are on it and this is all I see. If not where is it located at?
Has anyone gotten their car stolen before?? I know someone who got their corvette stolen but luckily got it back because of the OnStar kill switch...
Now that the '62 is just about complete, it's time for the next project. As the title says, "not quite a Corvette" but it will have the heart of one! Pat
Anyone got a listing for Chevrolet Dealers that have trained Certified Corvette Technicians on staff?
What is extended warranty means ? Is it really worth to take it for Corvette? what are the benefits? Cost From where we can get that (At dealership?) Thanks!! ...
Does anybody know of a good Corvette mechanic in the Indianapolis area besides a dealer? ');
Just received the latest issue of Corvette magazine, and low in behold my 2012 GS is on page 48. ');
I saw this 2009 Corvette GT1 at a dealer in Phoenix the other day, so I stopped and took a few photos. Only 400 miles on it ');
How do I find a 1958 Corvette with only 10 serial Numbers? Register today for free or log-in if already registered to remove this ad! ');
Are you surprised that the Corvette is selling so well while the Viper struggles? ');
Maurice Peterson finished with 1954 Corvette engine and off to deliver for further restore. ');
Have any of you ordered seat covers from Willcox Corvette? If so, how long did it take for them to ship?
Not usually a Corvette fan, but this one caught my eye. Tastefully modify. Wonder what he has under the hood.
Does anyone have info on Corvette shows for this summer in the Ohio area ? ');
Hello ., I found a 55 Copper colored Corvette in a barn , Does anyone know anything about his car? ');
Will be at the Hot Springs Corvette Weekend. More info on the S/E section. ');
Where could I get some "corvette" caliper decals in black/white letters? ');
How many 2001 corvette convertibles were made in black with white top and red interior? ');
search........ Unrestored Survivor 1960 Corvette Might Be Most Original ');
Just want to remind everyone the beach bums corvette show is sunday on LBI its a really nice show ');
Out cruisin' in the Front Range this morning with the Denver South Corvette group. What a great bunch of people. Thank you all for the add. ');
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