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More than a year ago

Hello, i need code for Blaupunk -werke gmbhAudi Concert7 **** TEL *** AUZ1Z3 X *-*-*-* ...and... Audi ConcertGRO Concert 8p0 035 186AUZ2Z3C*-*-*-*
What extras would you get in a 2008 (new model) Audi A4 SE car? Is there a big difference between that and a 2008 S-line Audi A4?
Went to the junk yard today and saw Audi TT slightly crashed. What got to me was the seats and this is my question. Will Audi TT seats fit a 90 VW Corrado G60?
I drove an Audi A3 to the Audi dealer today... so how do I get my Beetle TDi to sound like the A3? Specifically, Lock and Unlocking from the key fob?
A great article here: On Location: TT Sculpture at the Audi Ring in Ingolstadt
Evening All.Any Audi experts in the house? Do all 2009 or 2010 A3's that have a Concert hu also have an Audi sub? Edited by John Dorian, 09 Aug 2013...
I bought an Glacier White Allroad and a Q5 for my wife this weekend. I have never owned an Audi before so I will be scouring this forum in the next few weeks. Glad to be part ...
Audi's sleek and sporty S7 makes its debut. MotorWeek's John Davis has the road test review of the 2013 Audi S7
Audi R10 Concept Design 8 pictures
Hello there, im trying to find out if oem sport springs from a 2010 Audi A4 B8 will fit a 2013 Audi A4 B8?
hi to all, please, i need help to decode a radio audi auz1z4g audi symphony nar by dump eeprom 95128 made in portugal, thanks to any help.
Just spotted this:
Apart from price? you are only paying for the logos, Thanks to clever advertising? As Audi and Skoda have the same engine. I do prefer the look of audi cars,though. What ...
New upcoming audi r8 has stunning look with great comfort. The different things behind is the audi enginer try some different though while design it. The engine behind the bone ...
Hi all, Right now I am looking at buying a used car and looking at some 2002-2006 Audi's that are not too badly priced. Are Audi's reliable, does anyone here own one...
So the question is this - As you travel, now that you own an Audi, are you more tolerant of Audi drivers going slow/lazy/poorly driving than those drivers of other makes? Or ar...
Good morning, I was just wondering how the Audi Loyalty Program works,if anyone has used it.I will be purchasing my RS5 in the next 2 weeks, so if I show proof of buying another...
2013-14 Audi A3 Sportback WHYYYY? 2013-2014 Audi S3
They look nice, they sound great. I've stayed away because of horror stories. Never owned an Audi but I've been curious as of late. So, lear...
From Sports Car International (April 1992): It's a shame neither of these cars were produced. :t-crazy2:
Anthony please make it as a sticker :) Heare can anyone show some shots about that wheels what you ride. some of my fellos rides Audi S4 - in car is puted ma...
Hotter Audi RS1 caught testing
Audi quattro - Action Team
From the article: The brand with the four rings will be entering the 2016 motorsport season with the most powerful and efficient race car Audi has ever built. The new Audi R18...
New Audi city showroom open in London with 20 more to follow around the world. Audi City is a new showroom format that uses state-of-the-art technology to make clever use of ...
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