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I own a 2000 4.7L Durango that stalls when the engine is cold and I come to a stop. This stall occurs when the AC is disengaged (Idle drops to~600RPM - is this normal?);...
I had to replace the alternator and now the truck won't start. The truck won't turn over. It seems like it's a fuse but checked them all. But not sure if its the auto shut off ...
Howdy all. Tragedy has struck (literally) our beloved 01 R/T. While sitting still, my wife was rear-ended HARD by some dips!t talking on her cell phone. The front end of the lit...
I have a Pontiac Trans AM with a WS6 fiber glass hood and ram air with the large front and rear sway bars. The production codes on the door do not include a WS6 code, but it do...
My buddy is building a firebird formula LT1 Six speed car for drifting. Today we made a video with some footage of the car drifting and a coverage of work that has been done and...
Just put my bmw 125i m sport up for sale as I fancy another scooby. Would consider a swap p/x with a nice scooby. Here's the ebay link:
Hi guys, Going to be getting some sparco bucket seats and wondered what was the best way to fit them in a classic impreza? I've got the Option to add newage fitment rails bu...
Hi all, Because of limited space availability on the engine I would like to use an electric steering pump, hydraulic or otherwise. I tried a search but didn't find much....
Hi all Euro Car Parts is showing 2 different diameter oil filters for my car when I type in my reg? Anybody know off the top of their heads which one it is I need? T...
Will a bug drivers front door glass fit a hawk?I expect so but just want to check before buying one!Cheers
Hi all 2006 Hawkeye Impreza WRX which I have owned for about 2 and a half years - not garaged overnight but sat in a clean private driveway. Just wondering how much ...
This is my son?s 2001 SS that has been a long winded build. Project started in 2014 and finally got running last week. Few details: LS2 block, 404 Livernois stroked kit ( Diamon...
Running a built LS3 currently, compstar crank, wiseco -3cc dome pistons, ls3 cnc ported heads (73cc).. I'm not positive on compression ratio but using a calculator and assuming ...
We have received a lot of inquires for people wondering if they can still get in the group purchase we ran. With that we have decided to put on a mini version of the sale for th...
I have a pair of beautiful Suburban NOS back up lenses in GM boxes. $$73 + shipping and pp fee first I will take it payment in 24 hours.
I need all the pieces that hold the spare tire to the inside of the rear quarter to keep it secured, Price including S/H to 92020 Thanks for all the great help everyone gives on...
Tough to find in good condition. Look over the pictures, ask questions. DS rails and pass legs have been media blasted and primed, other parts are solid and nice, leg feet nuts/...
For those who need to data log while driving the car in racing conditions, what are your solutions? Chris at Pro-m Says that this system can only data log with a laptop hoo...
I have a small timing tab on my damper. I cant see the thing and would like to be able to adjust my timing with a little more confidence. they make stickers that you apply to th...
Not mine, but I would like it to be... Probably has a 302 in it?
I'm looking for a tilt steering column that will fit my 59 GMC with 79 camaro subframe. I don't want to use a new after market. I enjoy to old school junk yard pull.
While I was doing some more shake down driving and basically enjoying the truck, I started thinking of what to tackle next. Both my doors have issues I need to resolve. The...
Is this just a coincidence ? I now have 2, 54-1300 drive lines that have no bolt heads at the lower 2 ears of the transmission to bell housing fastening. Is this a common oc...
looking to have my factory AM radio restored and functional. can anybody recommend a reliable ethical vendor who will do that.
I?m going to be building a 441? and was looking into using the Eagle ESP crank and rods. I can?t find a whole lot about them using google. Anyone have any experience using them?
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