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More than a year ago

Just wondering if anyone here has both a BMW and a Lotus (probably not) My X5 is really my workday vehicle but my Lotus is for party time! :>)
How many of you would like the Lotus Elise style seat in your miata and why? It seems you can only get them from private parties or overseas as of now?
For those of you who have not seen the Lotus Extreme which was designed by a college student and will most likely be produced to some scale in the future, (it is already being w...
Quote: Meet Jonathan. A young Londoner, he decided to live out his childhood dream and buy a Lotus Esprit. Then he bought another. This is his story.
Now before anyone jumps down my throat I already tried searching. I want to know if the Lotus 2ZZ harness is compatible with the GTS ECU. I bought an engine out of a Lotus ...
Hey guys: Will a Lotus clutch work in a GT 5-speed? I found a stellar deal on a Lotus clutch. Please let me know ASAP as the deal might not be available by tomorrow.
I seen this guy's Toyota MR2 with a Lotus Exhaust, it sounded very nice. I would like to acheive the same sound. Is there a way to put a Lotus Exhaust on a Celica GT? or is ther...
After we saw Saab (and others) go down, do you think the same fate will befall Lotus? I would think the brand is worth more that Saab was, but after the Dany Bahar debacle, I h...
QUOTE]FULL STORY You’re looking at the first pictures of Lotus’ new
Lotus Esprit project car from Wheeler Dealers.
Surfing on youtube and came across this vid. This is such a sweet car ! Anyone have one of these ?
2010 Lotus Elise vs 2000 Lotus Esprit The Esprit still looks awesome.
Lotus Esprit Concept -- Autoblog Finally a real car from Lotus!!! I love it. M
Lotus Exige S240 What happens when you get lost on New Jersey back roads with a Lotus Exige S240.
So my Lotus 7 dream is still alive n kicking, but its just not the right time yet for one, soon, very soon though. I search gumtree etc everyday, just for an idea and see what...
Posted in the Photo Group also. I was out and about and stopped into the local Lotus/Jag dealer on my way bcd from lunch with my new 10mm-18mm Canon Wide angle lens on my Camera.
Posted in the Photo Group also. I was out and about and stopped into the local Lotus/Jag dealer on my way bcd from lunch with my new 10mm-18mm Canon Wide angle lens on my Camera.
The Lotus Exige makes this list just as the video suggests due to its raw driving experience. Enjoy !
New kit from FujimiCurbside but nice kit. Accurate and sharp molded bodyI forgot to attach Lotus emblem on front...
Anyone in the Lotus forum familiar with the ins and outs of the 60s Elites? Need some tech info and some parts supplier leads.Thanks
Found this channel on Youtube, and thought I'd share. He's currently rebuilding a Lotus Evora that was rolled and as a result an Insurance write off and salvaged.
Happy Spring everyone. Just wanting to get so me thoughts on a Lotus Elise Supercharged. Pros cons, durability, fun factor, etc. TIA To remove this ad, ...
Wow another big announcement on the technical front. It would be interesting to see how this effects lotus. Personally I think they will handle it better than Mclaren did. Tho...
Figured you guys would get a kick out of this, the 2013 Lotus car is called the E21! That's all really, unveiling is February as far as I know.
PHOTOSHOP REQUEST: white (vintage) Lotus Europa slammed anyone want to do a serious PS of one, any color but white would b nice...
I´ve reviewed all the protoypes Lexus showed back in September 2010 and they are astonishing. I mean, the have better numbers than anything else currently in the market. Can we ...
Well guys I sold my arrow blue sc targa earlier this year and have purchased a lotus elise. I am happy with my decision and honestly have more fun driving it but the 911 will be...

More than a month ago

I really need to make more money or find 2 jobs to buy this dream car New Lotus Exige Cup 380 Is For Those Who Think A GT3 RS Is Too Civilized

More than a year ago

I just might have to learn how to ride a bike with this beast, where do i sign my life away. Official website of LOTUS MOTORCYCLES | C-01 | powered by motionco...
While surfing the net looking for stuff for my non-Lotus Super 7, I came across this nice series on the home restoration of a Super 7 Series III Looks good! LINK[http:...
I wanted to get some leather cleaner/conditioner for my lotus seats. hell i paid enough for them might as well keep them in good condition. I was surprised though at all th...
Fast ride in a modified Lotus Exige Supercharged!This is actually one of the best sounding Lotus I have ever heard, I love it!
2012 Lotus Exige S gets supercharged six and pays the price in pounds Less then 2400 lbs. and ~350 hp? Sign me up. I like the details as well.
Awesome Lotus race car driver amazing this guy didn't crash.
Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid - 2010 Geneva Auto Show
Victory by Design - Lotus 17 Victory by Design review.
2010 Lotus Evora Road Test from England to Rome and back.
24 Hours Lotus Exige on fire The driver was uninjured.
Porsche Cayman S vs Lotus Evora
Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition - be part of a very exclusive winning team Quote: New Special Edition commemorates historic first season GT3 Ch...
im looking at a cavalier today, anyone ever heard of this engine swap ? Register today for free or log-in if already registered to remove this ad! ');
On our way home today we saw a Steven's Esprit in white. It passed by us on hwy 216 near cottondale/ peterson.
Considering transforming my racing 7 back into a street car.Looking for a source for some vintage parts.Harry
Been awhile since I've browsed these forums but now that I finally own my dream car, I'll be on more often. Attached should be a pic of mine with my mom trying to see out of it!
Have you any knowledge of this car? ... make/lotus Also I'm considering racing my one, would they allow me to clamp an additional role...
Dear Fellow Lotus Enthusiasts! We are pleased to announce the official formation of the Lotus Club of Southern California, a local Chapter of the Golden Gate Lotus Club! Th...
Lotus has released final details of the Elise S Cup racer, following a recent comprehensive test. According to Lotus, the track-built Elise S has been finely honed into a Cup va...
From the article:This has to be the best way to describe the Lotus Exige in the video below. We?ll cut right to the chase and tell you this car features a BMW S85 V10 engine. ...
I'm in search of replacement seats in my NA. My biggest gripe with the stock seats is the lack of lateral and lumbar support, and how low they are on the back. Ideally, I would ...
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