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More than a year ago

Been looking for info on an nos GMC tailgate band #14027522 I have one that I'm going to sell soon. Wondering WIW Thanks, Tom
Just bought a 2012 GMC with the touch screen Bose system. What size amp, Sub and door speakers does this have?
I have a 2004 gmc yukon It won't go into any gear but when I wait awhile it will go into forward and reverse. So I use my code reader and there was nothing in there but I cle...
Im working on a 63 gmc but i need help doing some of the wiring and dash if anyone lives near me let me know i would appreciate your help
Does anybody know where I can purchase filler covers for the opening between the rad support and the grill for my 69 GMC? Thanks
Not mine I just found it on Craigslist. It still has a lot of the GMC parts on it.
Here's a pic of my new little 63 GMC project truck. Plan is to keep it simple (stupid). About the polar opposite of how I usually do a build.
I have 2004 gmc Envoy XL and the air bag light is on. Can any one tell me how to switch of the light off? Or i have to take to the a dealer which will cost more for me to di...
I'm looking to buy a dash pad for GMC or Chevy truck, for all model between 1981-1987. Thanks...
Well, the body is done but it is a 4x4! Got more looks than I ever have towing this thing home. Now trying to decide what to do with it. There's a real nice 69' GMC 2wd in my ne...
From what i can tell nobody repops the GMC grills, but is there anywhere i can get the misc screws and hardware for adjusting and retaining the headlamps?
Did GMC ever make a four barrel intake that would bolt on instead of the two barrel. I know a guy with a 65 Suburban that wants to convert it to two strombergs mounted on a four...
Okay. Im new here but I was at the junkyard today and saw an unmolested gmc dash. Thought about putting it in a chevy cab. Should be a pretty straight forward bolt in process ri...
Has anyone successfully completed a full install on a 2000 GMC Jimmy with the Bose System? I plan on installing a new HU, all 6 speakers, and bypass the Bose Amp. Any suggestion...
Hi Guys,I just bought this 1972 GMC, I'm want to repaint and remove the rust, how much should it cost to do that? ( Please reccomend a garage near Washington DC if you know)...
Thinking about making some t-shirts to show that 71/72 GMC pride. Do I have to post this in the "for sale" section, or just splash it up in the different forums?
Hello all, I have lurked here for a little while and checked out some great trucks and suburbans. I have been meaning to get pictures of my Dad's GMC pickup. 32 original miles. ...
Looking at my truck today got me thinking that the side moldings that I have seen usually had a black stripe on them. Mine the stripe is white. Was this a 67 or GMC thing?
Does anyone know if there's anyone that makes a dual cold air intake system kit for TBI GMC/Chevy trucks
So, I've tried looking already, but I can't find a thread showing me how. Can someone please explain/show me how to take the top chrome bar off a 69-72 GMC grille? Any help is a...
Hello all... I'm in the process of getting my stuff together to bag my 63 Gmc long bed but I was wondering how hard is it to do with a one piece driveshaft?
Hardtop off my 72 GMC Jimmy available. Decent structural shape but clear signs of wear. Can get more pics if wanted. $150, just want to see it go to someone who'll use it.

More than a month ago

Need some help dose anyone make a kit that has all the parts to install a marker light gas door for a 71 GMC? Like the one in the pics. THANKS
Hello The 54 gmc truck I bought was hit and the frame bent. I am going to straighten out the cab but need some door measurements. Do anyone know where I could find them?
Does anyone know where one can find the original knob for a GMC glove box door?Posted via Mobile Device
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