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More than a year ago

66 gmc rear leaf spring lowering. Best way to do this? Looking for around 4-5" drop. Would now be the time to try to find Chevy truck arms and coils? Looking for lower, and b...
Anyone know who makes a 65 gmc dimmer switch? The three tab arrangement has the top one sideways and the bottom two up and down, all the replacements Ive seen so far have all th...
Is there a difference between a 68 GMC cowl and a 70 Chevy cowl? LMC catalog shows them as the same part number. Only difference I can see is the vent slots. Paul
Looking for a set of NOS GMC jimmy Emblems, maybe someone has a new set laying around.. Let me know if you do.
Yes, I am buying another! 1967 GMC 2wd Suburban. Vin is CE 1590KZC1700A with paint code 04526AA. What can you guys tell me about it?
I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500.  Currently the tires are 245 / 70 / R17 Can I put 225 / 55 / R17 on it?  What would it do as far as traveling?  in hill/mountainsides?  
Is there any company out there reproducing the GMC hood oraments the chrome bird for the 1955-59 years. Most interested in the style I have pictures which I believe are for the ...
Doesnt anyone have the part number for a vapor canister purge solenoid for a 85 GMC C1500 5.0 F code engine? Its also a california model.
Okay. Im new here but I was at the junkyard today and saw an unmolested gmc dash. Thought about putting it in a chevy cab. Should be a pretty straight forward bolt in process ri...
Has anyone successfully completed a full install on a 2000 GMC Jimmy with the Bose System? I plan on installing a new HU, all 6 speakers, and bypass the Bose Amp. Any suggestion...
Found this old GMC today while out chasing Roosters. Missing gauges, but otherwise complete. I made a couple phone calls and have a name of the owner........might hav...
I have a lead on an NOS, still in the box GMC large letter fleetside tailgate. It's as close to perfect as they come. What do you guys think it would be worth?
So, I've tried looking already, but I can't find a thread showing me how. Can someone please explain/show me how to take the top chrome bar off a 69-72 GMC grille? Any help is a...
Hello all... I'm in the process of getting my stuff together to bag my 63 Gmc long bed but I was wondering how hard is it to do with a one piece driveshaft?
Hardtop off my 72 GMC Jimmy available. Decent structural shape but clear signs of wear. Can get more pics if wanted. $150, just want to see it go to someone who'll use it.
I am wondering if there is an easy way to put the GMC JIMMMY emblem on the fender? Do you have to take the inner fender off or is there access another way?
Looking at my truck today got me thinking that the side moldings that I have seen usually had a black stripe on them. Mine the stripe is white. Was this a 67 or GMC thing?
Does anyone know if there's anyone that makes a dual cold air intake system kit for TBI GMC/Chevy trucks
What is the deal with these GMC emblems? One company says you have to call for the price of the M and LMC doesn't even offer the C! If I'm not mistaken, it was the M they used t...
Traveling thru Colo. Need my 2010 G.S. Checked. KING GMC in Longmont has been recommended any one have dealing with Service Dept. Thanks 66racer
Trying to put on new pivot bolts on my 63 gmc but there is nothing to screw them in to. Am I missing something or is the truck missing something?
I have a 97 gmc 1500 4.3 5spd. Occasionally it will be slow starting and when I push the clutch in to slow down it it sometimes dies. I've cleaned the throttle body and had plug...
I'm in need of a set of rusty chrome front bumper guards for my '59 GMC. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Does anybody know if a factory 1973 and newer fuel tank will fit between the box and frame rails on a 67-72 gmc 1500.
I am having trouble Identifying the engine I purchased out of a 1950 1 ton GMC. The number on the block is B22827862I. Can Anyone guide me to where I can trace it. Thanks .
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