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More than a month ago

I have a 1997 dodge neon I was looking in to tuning for racing/ drifting am I able to put a turbo on it and not destroy the motor. will a turbo make the mpg better or worse.
What s the Model Number of the transmission used in a 2012 Dodge Journey SXT with 3.6 Litre engine?
my dodge journey is a 2009. I was driving it one day and it just stopped on me. I changed the starter last week but the car turns on and has a rattling noise then shuts off. won...
Today, i found the light of tmps is flashing on, i check the four tire pressure ,it is right pressure. so how to reset tmps for dodge caravan 2012?
I am hoping that someone can help me with this as I have searched and searched and only found one for 98 Dodge Ram 1500,,,,, thank you
Hey all, new to the forum here. I have a 2014 Dodge Journey, and I need to replace the alternator. How do I do this, and how hard will it be? Also, what tools will I need? ...
I just purchase a dodge hellcat and I have 1000 miles on it my question in that the front brakes squeak at slow stops the dealer tells me that normal on all hellcat does any one...

More than a year ago

please help i am working on my 1998 dodge ram 1500 rear differential 925 i need know where buy the gauge block tools sp6020 appreciate your help
I tried to reset dash lights on my 1998 Dodge van. Finally got it to the left outside, top 2 lights blinking. Any suggestions for next action?
Will a 440 big block mount to my transmission it has a 360 in it now. It's a 1985 dodge w-150 with a small block 360
I found an 01 Dodge Stratus RT with a sunroof at a junk yard and am wondering, if I could just replace the roof to add a sunroof to my vehicle. Anyone have advice or experience ...
About to go look at a low mileage 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 with the V-10. Is that a good engine? What should I look at to avoid on it?
My 2005 dodge neon start spitting and sputter when it reaches 2200 rpm when you driving or anything plz somebody help me
Looking to go OEM in a particular truck. But I was wondering if dodge has ever put out a factory 20in rim for the 3500 dually? Anyone know? Thanks.
I have a 99 dodge durango 4x4 I'm trying to replace the transmission and would like to know if the support brackets ha e to come all the way off or do I just have to unbolt them...
im looking for the wiring diagram to the MyGig 430 in my 2011 Dodge Avenger so that I can install my JBL MS-8. Any help would be appreciated.
I have a rt 1998 dodge neon of course has fog lights on front, how can I run them without having to turn head lights on? Only way I can turn them on is turning on all lights!!! ...
I'm looking to lower my 2015 dodge ram. I would like to lay the frame on the floor w/ air bags.Any suggestions on this. 22" or 24" rims?? Besides bags, what else do I need t...
I have a 2008 dodge avenger and from lookin around bein that my alt is internally regulated i cannot fiind 1 any help?
Does anyone know where to find a wiring diagram for the tachometer for a 1994 Dodge Dakota? Thanks.
Does anyone know if my 2006 dodge dakota have a torsion bar? Im trying to give it a small lift and i was told that this was the cheapest way.
Hey guys I have 2009 dodge Durango would like to know what kind of roof basket would look better on it
Going to be replacing the AC Clutch, and I have looked all over the internet to try and find what the Air Gap would be for my car 2007 Dodge Caliber SE, anyone know off...
I have a dodge pick up 2500 the miles on the cluster does not alum-ate or light up can some one help me
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