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More than a year ago

Anyway, this is a message to buick fans and those who would like to be buick fans. What do you think your favorite Buick model? mines eather the 66 lesabre or the (date N/A) Bui...
I have a 2001 buick regal with the odometer lights out. How do I fix this? Do I have to take the dash off to get to the light?
Quote: Buick stole the spotlight ahead of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show by revealing a stunning concept car.
I know GM had some trouble awhile ago, but I'm loving the new Buick. The new Regal AWD is beautiful in my opinion.
Has anyone lifted a seventh generation Buick Rivi?I've been trying to find one on the internet, without any luck.
Well, I do if they make this thing
this thing is incredibly hot.
Plastipped a few things....the car was dirty when i took the pics....but over all the work turned out well i think and def makes a much more aggressive appearance.....
I have a 86 regal. My car starts but slightly moves as i push down on the gas. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated thanks.
Just picked one up and am not finding a lot of information on these on the audio front. Any of y'all ever dug into one?
Buick: A Study in Conquest In at least one way, Buick's decision to bring the Cascada to market, its first convertible in more than two decades, was a wise one. ...
Yea, it does look nice I agree.But I feel the only goal of Buick is to improve their reputation in the US by launching a convertible model after some time. Short review .

26 days ago

Let's face it, the 1980's was a dismal time here in the United States for performance. Choked down with emissions equipment the once proud muscle cars that roamed the streets ju...

More than a year ago

I was a the Detroit car show on Thursday for Industry preview day. I'd read that Buick had an interesting concept so I went to the Buick display, and I also saw a Buick convert...
Wouldn't the more knowledgeable Chinese auto consumer be aware that Cadillac is considered the more prestigious brand in the US? I would think that if you are attracted to Ameri...
I have an 04 buick rainier, previous owner replaced air bags with coil springs. I would like to add air bags, either in the coils or separately. anyone with suggestions?
I have a proven 1986 9sec Buick T-Type that I might consider trading for a Force Inducted C6 automatic. Just wanting to see what's out there. I'm in Ga. ...
I got an 84 buick t-type that's gonna need a rebuild or a new engine. Was thinking of doing an ls1 swap if I get a new engine. Any ideas? ');
2001 buick regal started and ran left town for 10 days came back cranks but wont start i dont here fuel pump ingage when ii turn on ignition
My 2006 Buick Lucerne driver seat does not seem to rise as high as the passenger seat. Is there a way to increase the height of the driver seat?

More than a month ago

Just curious if anyone has some knowledge on whether 13x7 deep wheels will fit on a stock 1978 Buick Electra Park Avenue. Was thinking about putting 175-70-13 tires on them. Tha...
For the life of me we cannot locate the factory amp in my 2014 Buick LaCrosse. Looked in all the usual spots. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have a 1979 Trans Am that I am installing a buick 455 in. Has anyone does this swap or know of anyone that can help me find some headers and engine mounts that would fit my tr...

More than a year ago

I stumbled upon this article about cars being made in China. Is it really a big issue?
hey all, a friend of mine asked me to install a real basic system in his 2004 buick centry. the plan is to go with a very basic h/u. does this require something like the ...
Buick will be showing the 2017 Encore at the NYIAS, and I imagine it will look similar to the recently released Opel Mokka. I like the new grill / headlights and interior. ...
Quote: Once upon a time, Buick was the best-selling luxury brand in America! A bean bag chair would have provided better lateral support than those seats.
Was looking up information on the LHU engine and this pic shows up in an ad. If that's what Buick puts out, I'm in provided that 3.6L Twin turbo is the power plant. That is one ...
Looking for a front transmission mount for a 1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra 3.8L supercharged! They only made so many of these Ultra's. And they stopped making the part. Any help ...
I have a Buick Rendevous that will not start. Turn the key over and just clicks. Then the security light comes on and starts beeping. Radio goes blank. Any suggestions?
I am told that Buick sold the plans to Rover for one of their engines. Is it an exact copy? I am looking for a light weight engine and this has an aluminum block doesn't it...
Im thinking about bagging my 60 Buick LeSaber. Its been in my garage for over 30 years and i thought i give it new life.I cant find any where wit any kind of bag brackets. Any...
Hi everyone - I just got a Buick LaCrosse Super and thought I'd share some pics. I love this car!
I have a 85 Buick regal limited edition the buick regal limited lights on the dashboard don't turn on does any body know how that piece off to check the bulbs
In America GMC and Houston Buick dealers are improving their atmosphere as wellas completing renovations for showing their consumers with good consumer services. Nearly two ...
may have a chance to get a Buick 3.8 V6 for free to swap into my son's 86 Jeep Comanche. The buick 3.8 does use the 60* bell housing pattern. Having a hard time trying to find j...
2015 Buick Grand National GNX Specs, Price and Release Date | First i hear of this since it was a rumor? Can anyone confirm?
Check this out. This 4-door Buick has some beautiful lines.
I understand how every once in awhile GM slaps a badge on a vehicle that doesn't quite fit the Buick image. In this commercial's case though, nothing appears new here unless yo...
Just read that the/a new Buick (2015 or 2016) will be built in the Opel's Russelsheim Germany plant. They did not state the name of model.Another interesting piece of news i...
The Excelle is the Verano/Opel Astra's Chinese counterpart. This is its face.
GM just filed for a patent on the Riviera name, although sometimes they have it just to have it I don't see why they would do that. With the ATS coupe coming and M3 coupe, Buick...
Buick has confirmed that it is looking into adding the Opel Adam (pictured) to its lineup in the United States. Introduced across Europe in 2013, the Adam is a premium sub-compa...

More than a month ago

The American Opel Insignia Country Tourer...Reminds me why I hate this whole "one size fits all" badge engineering with passion.... {} {} {} {} 

More than a year ago

I was wondering if there was an adapter and/or app for cellphones/tablets to be able to access the computer on this vehicle? --Sean
GM was really ahead of its time with the Riviera!   ---------------------------------------- "Wheeeee" by Westys ------------------------------------...
Quote: How does the LaCrosse stack up against the Lexus ES and Chrysler 300? This is THE MOST DETAILED review on the tube.
Well I finally got my friends roadmaster to clean up, stay tuned for some pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Given that Opel and Buick are now connected at the hip, could the Adam become a Buick? B...
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