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Anyone used the getm garage piston cooling jet kit? Any problems with the kit? Would you use it again? Anyone have the jig they would rent?
Rebuilding my 01 lq4. Had a few bad pistons, found a set on facebook for $100. They are the flat top lq9 with floating pins. Can I use my press fit rods/pins with the lq9 piston?
01 WS6 155k well taken care of car, Oil changed every 4k. Oring on the pickup tube was leaking air into the oil. Engine would get noisy then quiet back and forth. Oring was cha...
Hi all just after a second opinion. I have just pulled the heads on my 383 stroker ls1 as I have bent a few exhaust valves. Upon removing the heads I noticed some scoring in t...
Hey guys, I have a Gen III 5.3, and am trying to find a manifold/Y pipe kit to put a turbo on it. I was wondering if I could use a kit designed for a gen IV motor on my Gen III.
I searched and couldn't find an answer for some reason. My question is will 3.809 piston work when my machinist says the block is 3.810 without problems? My first is build and ...
Plug & Charge relies on the ISO 15118 standard for communication between electric vehicles and the grid using digital certificates. Guessing 453 ED and better, 451 need not app...
Hi, there! I just wanted to inform you about my new "ED4scan" diagnostics tool for the ED4 (453 series, electric drive). The menu system is based upon the ED_BMSdiag tool ...
I've posted this info in the past within some threads, but thought it might help to have it out in the open in its own thread. As you know, Mercedes dealers who have never ...
Is topping off the traction battery on a regular basis okay to do? Like recharging when it gets below 70%soc.
I just bought a 2015 Smart Fortwo that had come in after a lease and had only 16,000 miles on it. The busy area where I did my test drive was quite noisy so I did not notice thi...
Over the years, I've owned 4 different smart cars - each for a different purpose. Recently, I began looking for a project to tide me over until fishing season arrives. ...
Problem is Pump will not come on to prime in order for CEL to extinguish and allow start. So, 95 accord 2.2 Non vtec f22b motor. New main fuel relay. While doing the Repair manu...
Just thought I'd share. Just before the holiday break, I decided to bring my car in for a service. I've been noticing a rumbling noise and vibrations from my car wheneve...
Wanted to put the c63 duraflex hood and these fenders on my 2014 c300. Was wondering if anybody has put these on and if they had any issues with the fiberglass.
C200 1.8l cgi (2010).Does anyone know what is the ohms of the door speakers in the harmon kardon logic 7 system.Though the system sounds great (a bit one dimensional), I believe...
Whats up everyone. We just got our W204 C250 coupe. Now I must preface this in saying. I am at work and the wife has the car, so I can't actually play with the settings..I h...
Hey at 300k miles I guess anything is possible? lol. Anyone have any hookups to a cheap new hood star?
my car c 200k/m111 crank but on [email protected ] injected
Hi everyone, I have 2012 Mecedes C250 Coupe and today I realized one plastic part in engine is half broken both side(up and down) and does anyone knows what is that part and d...
2011 w204 c220 estate. The inergrated sat nav /radio is frozen. When you switch on the radio plays and the map comes up. The location is wrong and doesn't update I can't get to ...
I'm building a Pump Gas 5th Gen Camaro BBC 632 with after market EFI and transmission is a Full Manual 4L80E/Trans Break My questions is what's the best power adder NITROUS or P...
I have a 1994 camaro. Originally a v6 car, I swapped in a ls1 k member from a 1998 now in at a dead stop until I can find or figure out a way to mount in a gen 1 sbc...anyone do...
Hey guys, I need some help. I feel like I?ve tried everything. Here is my situation. I have a 2011 Nismo. It has 6000 miles, never had an issue. Recently, I installed coilo...
We recently went over the basics of lowering your vehicle with springs and shocks in our Suspension 101 article. While this covered the basics, we know a lot of enthusiasts are ...
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