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Wife said i could sell the classic Mini and the F10 535 (2012) and replace with E39 540 or M5. Would be my daily commuter. About 7 or 70 miles round trip (train station vs dri...
The Pelican tech article for R55/R56 "Door check Replacement" is great, but directs you to a MUCH more complicated procedure than needed. The basic article is OK, but directs ...

4 days ago

X-431 PRO MINI is a stylish Android-based diagnostic device developed by LAUNCH. It inherits from LAUNCH?s advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide...
OK. If your clutch feed off of your brake fluid reservoir, shouldn't you also bleed new fluid to your clutch? I have a pressure bleeder but how do you get new fluid to the clutc...
The LA Auto Show started on December 1st and MINI has brought out their newest concept to the masses. Dubbed the "MINI Electric Concept", this car is said to not actually be goi...

8 days ago

Retail price for this amplifier is $400 to $500. Since mine is not new and has a few minor scuff marks, I will ship it to you for $225 if your address is within the CONUS or ove...
Hey guys, I?m currently running the Odyssey Pc680, and the car can barely last 3 days without starting up and driving it around a bit to charge. I noticed Optima makes mini batt...

13 days ago

Hello all, I'm looking at a non running 2003 base model Mini that for sale locally. The owner replaced to fuel pump and it's getting gas up to the rail but it still won't star...

15 days ago

Does anyone have any experience with this scan tool. I ordered one online and am looking for any hands on reviews. Info, experiences, tips would help.

19 days ago

2004 MC40. I have not found anyone who has done this and I am not sure if I can just replace the cover or do I need to buy the whole headlight assembly?
I have a 2012 C350 coupe. I have a Mercedes connecting cable ( from arm rest storage)that can charge my iPhone 6, but it won't charge my iPad mini. Anyone also have this problem?

21 days ago

Before you yell at me I have done a search. It seems many NC owners are plugging the plug pardon the pun. However I just don't see myself doing that. Have checked on ebay and ...

24 days ago

Just wondering if anyone has done this mod before ? I?m thinking to get a pair of 7x6 and retrofit with mini H1 projector but not sure the fitments ... I heard that you have to ...

26 days ago

Hi All what audio options are available for a 2010 mini, either oem integration or replacing factory head unit ?

27 days ago

Timing chain broke on my R56 Cooper S. Fortunately no valves/pistons damaged. I've replaced chain, guides and bolts, slide, crankshaft sprocket, and head gasket. With no tension...

28 days ago

It has been raining all week here and I was wondering whathappened to the Girl that used to pose with her Mini? Anyone remember?

29 days ago

Hi all looking to put a basic system in a mini, front components, sub and amp.   any recommendations for something that will fit, 2 way front end would be suitable.   cheers
Honestly I didn't even look at the specs of the mini dsp 8x12, but I don't have time to research this simple question. Is there anything that the 8x12 has that the cheaper c...

More than a month ago

So I finally flashed to manic stage 2. I'm curious if a wot box would still send it screaming into limp mode on a flashed ECU. But I can't seem to find a wiring diagram or color...
2006 Mini. Changed PS pump and cooling fan, checked all fuses including the 100 amp, still doesn't work. how do you bench test the pump.
FONT="Arial Negro"][SIZE="4"]Hello everyone, I'm new here. I need help with mini cooper with maps of europe of 2011. navigation system 101094211 by usb or disk. I need updates a...
Hi, As a Canadian I am sick and tired of the cost for some of the coding in US funds. So to all the Canadian Nam members PM for an individual who will get your FSC code and r...
Hello, if I disconnect IHKS unit and then plug it back in - will it work straight away or require coding/calibration? Thanks __________________ This post was auto-generate...
I am after a replacement fog light access panel for a mini one. The plastic part that you twist off at the back inside the wheel arch Mine is missing a section and letter wate...
Did you hear? MINI design director Oliver Heilmer stated that he is looking at adding in or replacing existing models. As the world continues to evolve, he wants to make sure th...
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